Why did you buy Halo 4 when Reach was junk?

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I did not buy Reach. I buy Halo headline titles for the continuation of John S117’s story. Thats it. MP modes are not my reason for purchasing.

Why did I buy Halo 4 when Reach was junk? I think that’s the exact reason why I bought Halo 4 because it’s a better game.

I bought Halo 4 because I thought it was a halo game. I was mistaken.
also I enjoyed reach.

Ahh halo reach. No comment on that. I bought halo 4 because of the new trilogy with master chief and because I’m a big fan of the halo series. The gameplay seemed bumped up from halo reach and it truly is. I do wish, however, that there be less imitation and more inovation with the continuation of the series. By imitation I mean COD. Both are fun games but I expect halo to stand out and I expect it’s creators to carry halo far.

Great job 343. Just keep at it please. I know sales matter but be more unique. A suggestion.

Reach was a great game much better than 4 .forge world was the best user summit maps added to the playlist cant beat that

Reach was junk?

I do respect the opinion of players who thought Halo: Reach was a good game. I just think they changed too much too soon, and i do think they have somewhat taken a step back from reach gameplay (baby step) to a more traditional Halo gameplay. I like Halo 4 and I will continue to play it.

Seeing but Bungie did in Reach just before they dipped it playing it, it looked like they made a bad game on purpose so 343’s game would be amazing.

I knew 343 was just going to go on the title of Halo alone and make a ripoff to rake in the cash, that’s what I saw with Anniversary.

Meh the Golden age of gaming is slowly retreating I’ve seen this in all titles I play. I mean Skyrim trashed everything elder scrolls and just had dragons and awesome combat. Games are getting dummed down and developers are only relying on the key features of their game to make it a success. The 2000’s are over games just won’t be ‘spectacular’ until the next gens are released offering developers new means to craft a masterpiece.

> Why did I buy Halo 4 when Reach was junk? I think that’s the exact reason why I bought Halo 4 because it’s a better game.

I also enjoy Halo 4 gameplay more than Halo Reach, They are different games, unlike the last 5 out 6 COD games

I bought it because h3 is dead, only noobs or laggers left every game is lagging.

aww come on, everyone is doing it, playing online multiplayer.

Umm, because the majority of complaints I tend to read…Halo isn’t it’s multiplayer…at times it has had it’s MP moments,but since Halo:ce it’s never been about MP…it’s been about story.

But here is the main thing, I see many people say, I’m going to quit wow, “I’m doing it today”…I watch them a couple days afterwards…they are still playing…things people say, seriously if you hate the game that much…quit like you said you would…I would…idk maybe it’s an age difference…and children are use to being -Yoinks!- and getting what they want…which will ultimately be the down fall of the world. sigh

But, seriously, Instead of -Yoinking!- and whining and threatening to quit just do it…if you really want to make a statement to 343…quit…flatout quit playing. if not constructively criticize Instead of whining and making idle threats…threats get you nowhere most of the time in life…But you keep playing even though you say you are quitting…strange…when I say I’m quitting something I quit it… I may come back a long way down the road to see if things changed…but I quit I move one for the most part…I say I’m quitting this game, here are the reasons why, here are my ideas of potential fixes…until these things get fixed I’m gone…and I don’t play it anymore for quite awhile…I don’t make idle threats I just do…then later see if things change…Real life doesn’t take kindly to idle threats…may have worked with your parents and teachers…but go to your boss and demand a raise or you’ll quit…more then likely they’ll tell you sorry might miss you…but ultimately I’m not going to hire someone who only expects their way…compromise…