Why did they RUIN Tactical Slayer?

They had their event and forced the various weapons that have no business in Swat so WHY are they still being forced upon us? I get the stupid Stalker Rifle over and over and over and then the Mangler, then the sideshot pistol and if we’re lucky we get the BR for one game. So they’re FORCING us to play with these other guns 8-10 games to 1 with the BR. Whose stupid idea was that??? PLEASE PUT IT BACK THE WAY ITS SUPPOSED TO BE!!!


No doubt
Why did they make it all those stupid guns
Litteraly mauler is 2 bodyshot

Thats not swat
Lol 343 figure it out


I was just wondering the same thing. I’ve also been wondering how many more years/posts will it take before they finally realize that bloom has no place in Halo.


Couldn’t agree more. I thought they’d be taking out Sidekick and Mangler after week 1 to be replaced by Stalker and Commando…but noooo, we end up with 5 weapon variants in the rotation to make the RNG challenges even more infuriating.

Not only that but but both the Sidekick and Mangler variants are total garbage due to their inconsistency. Stalker I can live with but even that is shocking to play when forced on to high ping servers. Commando variant plays surprisingly well along with the old faithful BR.

Remove Sidekick and Manglers from the SWAT playlist rotation.


The overall execution needs a bit more work, but the variety was pretty fun. There’s nothing wrong with some added flavor.

With some further tuning and general fixes to the game, it could be a pretty solid option eventually. I see it as a shaky step forward from SWAT Magnums in previous games.


I just want to play BRs consistently.

Make it its own playlist.


They need to take the Mangler out, it’s no longer SWAT when nobody is getting Headshots


100% accurate truth.


I liked SWATNUM, but the Sidekick is NOT a Magnum.

Mangler, Stalker Rifle, and Commando should not even be in SWAT. There should only be BR, DMR, and Magnum, if those weapons come to Infinite. Stalker Rifle I guess isn’t terrible.

Same thing with if they use Bulldog in Infection, everyone is going to be pissed. They need the OG Shotgun.

343 is just desperately trying to use a minor weapon swap custom game edit of Tactical Slayer and pass it off as giving us more content.


I actually like it that there is a bit of variety with the mode. However it likely would be best to have only one additional variant in rotation or something along those lines. So one week BR & Commando, one week BR & Sidekick or do it as weekend specials (BR during the week and some weekends bring in the other variants).


I don’t mind having other guns in the SWAT list, but if they are going to do it that way, they need to change how the playlist is weighted.

I’d say it should be weighted 80% BR’s and then 5% each for commando/mangler/sidekick/stalker rifle.


DMR had bloom, lol

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Honestly, I hated it at first but now I kind of enjoy it. Getting better with the mangler is a fun challenge.

That being said, I sometimes am annoyed and want the traditional experience. You could do 2 playlists, but that would split up the players too much. So I think they should just REALLY tone down how often you get non-br matches. It should happen like once every 8 matches.


In all actuality, a weighted system would work pretty well across the board.

Could even shift on a weekly or daily basis.

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Stalker rifle swat > BR swat

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It’s already weighted, I just think it should be much more heavily weighted to BRs.

The default SWAT experience should be BRs, and then they can use a small amount of other weapons to add some spice/variety to keep it fresh during longer play sessions.

It’s interesting to think about changing the weighting on certain days too… But 343 doesn’t appear capable of making that kind of agile change to their game.


I’d be content with heavily weighting the BR variant, but let’s not get rid of the fresh variants.

Maybe I missed this, how is it already weighted?

huh… it’s almost like introducing RNG into matchmaking was a dumb idea


Oh I am very aware. Large amount of the community has been asking for it’s removal since Reach.