Why did they make the thruster pack useless?

Before any says “ohh but I got this kills with it” I’m not talking about it being useless overall. I’m talking about it being useless against a good player.

The thruster pack is useful for many things. One of the things it was useful for was juking someone up close. The only problem is. In this game the lunge is strong. Any thrust around an enemy can be defeated with a melee. Doesn’t matter if you side thrust him or even jump over and thrust over him. You are always in lunge range. In halo 5 It was never like this. There’s many times where I thrust backwards and they catch up to me with their lunge negating the whole thrust play. It’s almost like thrusting is pointless.

Doodging a bullet was also a use for the thrust. Whenever you fight someone in a gun battle you can thrust to the side to throw off the other persons aim. In halo 5 this works well. In halo infinite it doesn’t because the thrust is static. It doesn’t move like how it would in real life meaning. When you thrust and the thrust ends you just drop in the air. This makes it far easier to shoot someone while thrusting. So it’s almost pointless to use in a gun battle unless the player your facing against is really that bad.

Right now getting around corners quicker is it’s only real use at the moment. Almost every single move has been removed with the thruster pack which brings me to.

Knee caps, thrust sliding, ninja thrusts, momentum, gravity. All of these things are either removed or don’t work the same.

It’s almost like they did this to spite Halo 5 players that liked the thrust otherwise I don’t see why the ruined it. The grapple has momentum, why doesn’t the thrust?


loaded question

Thrusters are good if used well


Obviously. The thrusters CAN be used. However they are mostly useless esspically when using it to fight as I highlighted above. I knew someone would say this. That’s why I clarified in the first statement

I never kill w/ it - its a defensive ability to me


Well it’s supposed to be an all around ability that’s useful for more than just defense.

Sure you can get around corners but that’s about it. If you try thrusting away from someone their lunge will catch up to you. So it’s barely even a defense ability.

Thrust 100% wins gunfights.


Ok already wrong. Pros abuse it constantly, because the thrusters basically break aim assist and guarantee you win in a typical 1v1 situation.

In Halo 5 its less effective because you are dealing with a single shot weapon, so basically you can thrust and only 1 or 2 bullets of the spread connect whereas in Halo 5 it would’ve just been a full hit.


Not against a good player. It’s too static. I can trace my aim very easily to the target. Maybe it’s useful against mouse and keyboard players. MAYBE. But Its still just as useless. It’s not as free flowing as the Halo 5 thrust so you can’t juke people in the same way

It doesn’t break aim assist. That’s false. This is why I said against a good player because a good player isn’t going to have his aim thrown off by the thrust. I know mine isn’t. I can track it with my aim assist easily.

Not every weapon was single shot. Also the spread on a BR is not the same conversation as the thrust being static. Even tho Halo 5s thrust was fuild you can still land every shot if you were fast enough. My point is that the thrust in infinite is so stiff and limited that it becomes useless against a good player. Rarely do I see anyone get kills the same way Halo 5 makes them happen. The biggest example is the lunge. You used to be able to thrust over someone’s head and back smack them. Now you can’t do that unless the player really don’t know what they are doing

Dude literally the best players in the game go out of their way to get the Thruster and it wins fights for them constantly lol. Watch any pro gameplay of Aquarius CTF. They won’t let that thing sit on spawn for more than a second. If people who all consistently hit 60-65% accuracy per game are turning fights with Thrust, it’s accomplishing something.


I will initially say that I agree that the lunge of hammer and sword being greater than the distance of thrust completely negates its use.

I’m still strongly for the distance to be reduced on those two weapons, with the addition of the grapple shot it makes the combo a meta loadout. Halo has never had meta’s and it doesn’t belong.
The lunge needs to be at LEAST half of what it currently is, because the equipment makes up for that distance.

I can’t even count how many times I got a bull-true medal but still died because the sword lunge is just fn insane.

Additionally the thrusters gradual slowfall needs to be reduced for sure, like you said it makes you a sitting duck at the end animation of your thrust again negating its purpose.

I will disagree about the thrusters not being able to be useful against good players.
Good players will make any weapon or equipment harder to use.
I opt for the thrusters over the grapple shot in some instances, sometimes more so.
But If you are arguing that the thrusters should always be able to outplay a good player then that in fact makes the equipment a meta and ruins the dynamic of gameplay, it should be better, but not flawless.

I use the thrusters constantly and never let them sit on spawn and I also get kills and use them to win games. HOWEVER. I can see the glaring differences between this thruster and Halo 5s thruster which worked perfectly fine. I’m not blind I know what I see

It should work like Halo 5s thruster pack. It didn’t beat good players by default. What it did do was give a real challenge to good players. Fighting the thruster pack is not as difficult anymore and it should be

So, they’re not useless?


Useless against good players using basic defense tactics like the lunge of the melee and the aim assist to snap onto players after the thrust animation ends. This was already explained above

I Agree.

I feel it’s the slow-fall at the end of the thrust that compromises it.

So you’re only beating bad players then?


Well you should quit your day job then, clearly you are #1 in the world. Move over Luciid, this guy is taking top spot lol.

Just another example of someone embarrassing themselves in a thread… All I’m going to tell you dude is to watch good players use it and to get more familiar with the sandbox.


If I thrust in any direction next to you then your lunge can actvate. If I thrust away in any direction your lunge can still active. A good player. Even a decent to ok player can melee you. You’d have to be playing against a bad player in order for them NOT to melee you.

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You’re thrusting at point blank?