Why did ONI hire a reporter #hunt the truth

I have seen a lot of post of people wondering why ONI hired a reporter on the first place, it seems like a really bad move.
However if we take the event of spartan ops in consideration then it is a perfectly logical move.
Since ONI tried to kill dr Halsey and since she joined the storm covenant, it would be a perfectly logical thing for her to release all the information regarding the spartan II program. Even if she provided no evidence reporters could verify her info an uncover the truth becoming a MAJOR problem for the ONI. Imagine if the people knew their biggest heroes and protectors where kidnapped as children. ONI would be in great trouble.
The best way for ONI to prevent this from happening is to release an “official” story of how the chief came to be the hero they all know. That way even if Halsey released the information there would already be an official version, and the two version would collide, however Halsey’s version would be easily denied since she lost all her credibility when she joined Jul, so no one would mind going beyond the ONI version.
There are a few things however. First if ONI takes to long in create the false version of the story of chief the Halsey could reveal the information first, and then the ONI version would be seen as a desperate attempt to cover the truth. The flip of the coin is that the faster ONI version is released the less time they have to make their story believable and make sure it’s solid. Official records must be changed and persons silenced. It’s a race against time for ONI.

Second the story must not be completly false. It’s easier to modify a story than to create one. And that way even if Halsey released the info, the majority of the story released by ONI would prove true, casting at least a doubt rather than falling into pieces if it was completely false,
The fact that the reporter of hunt the truth uncovered the truth would be that ONI rushed the official story too much. Now they have a problem in their hands. So i predict that ONI will kill or imprison Giraud, the girl who knew john die nit not immediately since he has proven usefull for ONI to find loose ends in their story. After that there would be only a few people who would know the truth. Halsey who is already being chased, and the surviving spartan II. Since the spartan IV program is now a success chief is no longer irreplaceable for the UNSC. I believe ONI will Hunt chief, who has always sided with Halsey, to keep him as a hero to the public (represented by the statue in Lock’s trailer) and not as a martyr who was abducted by ONI (represented by chief lying on the ground severely wounded by Lock who is an ONI agent.)

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ONI didn’t expect the death report to still exist. Until then, Ben was being a good little drone getting all the stories ONI wanted him to. Ellie was generally downplayed by him because she wasn’t doing much to support the narrative he was looking to write.

Without the report there’s a good chance he wouldn’t have gone back to Ellie or even bothered with Katrina.

As for why use an outside reporter? Probably to look authentic and not like ONI propaganda.

Honestly I’m surprised paper records of such things still exist in 500 years.

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> Honestly I’m surprised paper records of such things still exist in 500 years.


Seeing how MIke knows Ben, I think Oni’s plan was to use someone Oni could have influence over while still maintaining some sort of trust. Thus this is why I think Oni providied contacts and leads not thinking Ben would dig deeper.