Why did ODST have the best campaign?

I’m just curious as to why many fans loved ODST’s campaign so much. I really loved ODST for it’s atmosphere, music, and open world of the city, and the mere fact that I was actually able to play as an ODST (a dream of mine that originated in Halo 2), among other things.

But when it comes to best campaign lists, ODST is a common game to see mentioned. What was it about this game that made people love it’s campaign so much. The story wasn’t all that great to me (unless you compare it to Reach), it was an expansion and it felt like one.

So, why is ODST the best?

Halo 3 ODST is amazing. The sense of being alone at night, exploring the city, making strategies to kill a pack of brutes instead of run n gun n die. ODST is my 2nd fav campaign with halo 2 as my 1st.

I liked ODST for a lot of reasons.

*It had an amazing soundtrack that was completely different from the others in the Halo series. It conveyed emotion well, such as the feelings of the night time city, of being alone, and of finding pieces of your squad.
*A good pistol had finally returned to the Halo series and it was really fun to use.
*The atmosphere of the city, both at night time and in the flashback missions, was absolutely superb.
*The actual story is really good. Starting off as a detective story everything you’ve seen unexpectedly comes together as you are reunited with the ODSTS you have been playing as.
*I really enjoyed the gameplay and environments too.

I can understand when someone looks at ODST and sees its departure from the space opera of the main trilogy as being a negative. I, however, love the game. I can’t really quite say why; my reasons might be a little insignificant to some, but there you go. It was just a campaign that clicked with me and that I really enjoyed.

I loved ODST’s campaign for its atmosphere. Everything in the game all fit together perfectly. The amazing soundtrack was brilliantly done, and its new tones really fit with the somber, lonely feeling that the game tried to accomplish. The open world, although some parts were noticeably repetitive, also fit into that feeling of melancholy loneliness. To say that I enjoyed walking through the city to take in the great atmosphere would be an understatement.

I hope that H4 takes on aspects of ODST’s campaign. Atmosphere is one of the most important factors in a game’s campaign, in my opinion, and the majority of the Halo campaigns missed that critical factor.

It was new. Exciting.

Thing is with Master Chief, you know him, and how he trys to accomplish things. With ODSTs, they’re different and have more individual personalities, like actual people.

I hope to see another ODST in the future.

I played it again today only on Normal however and what really makes me love it is the following,

  • The Music: This games music is just fantastic, it gives you that lonely feel and then that group feel while on Flashbacks.
  • The Lonely Feeling: The feeling you get while playing it is just, epic. Playing it I know I have to be stealthy, I can’t just run around like a mad man, especially at night time when it’s just you and your silenced Pistol & SMG.

I can’t really explain the rest, but it just gives the campaign a good replay value when you want to play it, the mystery behind it is a classic story.

Each environment was different in a significant way.
It was like playing Halo 2’s Campaign levels with Halo CE’s feel of a new environment and Halo 3’s Engine.
It was a good conglomerate of Halo’s Campaigns. Also a new feeling to be strategic and pick your fights, or learn how to take cover.

It was what Halo 2 should’ve been, more attention to the battle of Earth and the fight there. Instead, we got “Oh look another Halo!”.

ODST delivered what Halo CE gave us. Campaign wise I think CE = ODST. It just felt like the first time I picked up Halo CE and explored Halo for the first time.

I liked it because I actually liked the characters and how you developed as a squad with them, with Reach failed with. I didn’t feel bad when the members of Noble died.

> Halo 3 ODST is amazing. The sense of being alone at night, exploring the city, making strategies to kill a pack of brutes instead of run n gun n die. ODST is my 2nd fav campaign with halo 2 as my 1st.

Agreed, Halo 2 was also my favorite, then ODST

I loved ODST. The story was strong, held together by the characters it focused on so tightly, and I think that’s what made it so great. The fact that the Rookie was left with so many mysteries of his own for the player to fill in the gaps, the squad and each character’s, well, character. The slowly unraveling mysteries, the music, the sound of rain, the empty city, all led to make the story far more immersive than the other Halo games, at least in my opinion. The campaign was great because the story and characters were great, because of the experiences of walking through the city, searching for or simply coming across the audio logs, and seeing those tie into the game(like the flooded subway).

How has no one responded with



Also - not playing as a Spartan was cool - forcing you to change the way you go about killing things that a spartan could just run’n’gun its way through.

I loved the story aspect - a recollection of events.

But mostly because of Superintendent.

I loved the idea of playing as an ODST. Ever since the Fall of Reach I wanted to play as one. The storytelling was amazing, and I really loved the chance to actually get to know some new characters, ones who are a little more relatable than Spartans.

I was also a huge fan of the ONI mysteries behind everything. I love 3-letter agency movies and this game brought out that type of feel.

ODST was alright. Halo CE and 2 were my favorite Campaigns.

ODST was the best. Not the best story. Not the best characters. But it was the best.

The atmosphere was unmatched by any FPS out there. I think it’s the entire game and the way its approached.

You have no need to have played any of the other Halo games to enjoy this one. It’s that good. It’s story is completely independent of all the others and is excessively fun.

I really enjoyed the story and the music. Most of the other reasons are in other posts already stated really.
I enjoyed the characters and felt more attached to them.
I enjoyed the music as even though it was different than the trilogy I still could enjoy it as it really set the mood for the ODST’s and the story. (Can’t say the same about Reach)
I enjoyed the levels as they had variety in play style/environment throughout the campaign. City-Inside buildings- High above sky scrapers - Underground area infested with drone nests - and others as well.

Even though shorter than the other Halo games I still felt that ODST was one of the best campaigns even though it was just an “expansion”.

I absolutely loved the ODST campaign, really everything that was good has already been stated. Awesome campaign.

> Halo 3 ODST is amazing. The sense of being alone at night, exploring the city, making strategies to kill a pack of brutes instead of run n gun n die. ODST is my 2nd fav campaign with halo 2 as my 1st.

If that were the truth I would agree, but you can still take on a Brute pack and win as if you were a Spartan.

ODST was definitely my favorite for so many reasons.

The atmosphere of the game
The sense of loneliness
Being a regular soldier for the first time
The beautiful, captivating music
The dark, desolate setting
The small, personal story that it told
Capturing the Halo feel perfectly, despite being the only game in the series to not tell an epic story
Great characters (and great voice actors, too :stuck_out_tongue: Gotta love Firefly! )
The best level in the franchise: Mombasa Streets
The Superintendent and Virgil (great AI character)