Why did I lose a majority of my double XP?

So for those who have the double XP matches like myself you know that after every match it updates you on how many games you currently have left to use double XP. Well I started out with 144 and it counted down just fine until all the server fixes happened last night. I’ve played a total of maybe around 60 to 70 (war games and spartan ops) matches and now it’s telling me I only have about 44 left…So my question is where did my other 40 games go? Has anyone else have the problem?

Been playing Custom??? I also think it may count towards campaign aswell. I maybe wrong.

I’ve played maybe 4 or 5 campaign missions and 3 customs :/.

I lost a big amount too. I thought it was maybe because the games after I hit the cap counted. No idea. Not happy.

Haven’t even used my Double XP yet… LOL I will let you know when I do, but I usually wait until servers are in better condition before using things like Double XP in games…

Ive lost a good amount too. Around 10 games worth and this is unacceptable. This needs to be fixed soon especially since people payed money for this.