Why did I just get a BXR medal in grifball?

Just totally out of the blue I got a BXR medal

Your toast has been burned and no amount of scraping will remove the black part.

Wow that’s new.
Though doesn’t really come as that big of a surprise.

I’ve played SWAT matches where I’ve racked up plenty of Distraction medals.
I’d get one proper and then after that whenever an ally killed an enemy I’d get a Distraction, no matter where I was, even when I was dead.

-Shoot an enemy dead and run away *Distraction
-Hold power postion / Camp and no enemy nearby *Distraction
-Spawn *Distraction

All those times an ally would have killed an enemy player.

I’ve killed players with the bayonet and gotten a sword kill medal or a melee medal, it’s like the game can’t decide what I did.