Why did I get nothing for pre ordering

I pre ordered halo 5 a month or so ago and I thought I would get free dlc for preordering which I did not and I was wondering why

Where did you pre-order from?

First, where did you pre-order from? Second, none of the pre-order offers are unattainable through normal gameplay. The only reason for them is to give you instant access to some stuff.

You only get some packs and armour. They might just be in your inventory.

I got it from GameStop and I checked my inventory and nothing and I’m a rank a 18 and haven’t gotten much

Yep. Same here…

The in game pre order bonus is glitched.

I bought the 100 dollar pre-order on the marketplace, and I got everything I was promised, also I think the map DLC is going to be free now.

wow have you been given a code, if so contact Microsoft if not contact your supplier