Why did I get banned!?!?!?

Ok so I was playing swat. Like allways I muted my mic bc I don’t like to talk online muted all the players. The match started I got the first two kills from spawn. I played as got 21 or so kills the next highest was the other teams players with somewhere from 15-17 each. My team wasn’t all the great so we still lost. But I opened my Xbox menu to take a screen shot to show off to my friends. And when I went back to the screen it said you lost connection to the internet and then all game types where red and said I was banned. What did I do and how long is this ban also can it be removed. And I am mad because this is the second time this has happened. Plz hurry bc I would like to play with my friends tonight.

Please use the ban thread in the support forums for any queries about the ban system in matchmaking
Official Halo 5 “Why was I banned?” thread