Why did I buy the map pass?????

Seriously, I bought the map pass, expecting the maps to be put into rotation on the other playlists as well, but apparently, they are not in rotation at all. So honestly, what was the point? When the map pass fiasca went on, the game told me i didnt have the recommended maps to play the normal playlists, yet i never get paired with people now, that have the maps, now that the problem was fixed…seriously, wtf…

Have you and everyone you’re searching with downloaded the maps? The map pass just makes it so you don’t have to pay for them, you still have to download them to your box to use them. If someone on the other team doesn’t have them then they won’t show up, everyone in the game has to have them.

If you have and still aren’t seeing them I have no idea what’s wrong, I bought them and downloaded them and they show up in playlists like normal now, although a bit more rarely because everyone in the game still has to have them on their boxes.

yep, got the maps downloaded, and im searching by myself , so it is kind of annoying me, and im searching in the gametype that has the most population, well, big team and infinity slayer.

I get the new maps all the time in big team battle and its not a playlist that requires the DLC to play, I think the maps are just too big for any other playlist, wait for the next pack, im pretty sure there will be smaller maps that will appear in other playlists.

I have a big feeling they will remake lockout because of the commentary video 343 made about lockout explaining why it was such an awesome map, we can only hope :slight_smile:

The maps are in the other playlists but a very small portion of the online comunnity bought the maps. So your chances on getting matched with other DLC owners is really small.

When i play split screen with my buddy using both our accounts says missing the DLC even though he has it ay his house and i got it at mine. So we need to download it twice? I understand microsoft needs to make more money but come on.

They are in the rotation, the reason they don’t come up much is because of how many players are searching without having the map packs.

But don’t expect them to restrict playlists to DLC only right away, that has NEVER been a good marketing maneuver, instead just play Crimson DLC for now when you feel like playing on the new maps, then hopefully in February around the release of the TU and/or the Majestic map pack, they will make some of the regular playlists DLC restricted like they did in Halo 3.

They don’t need to make all of them DLC restricted. Just enough that players without it have enough content available to be happy, while players with it can play the new maps as much as they want in more than one playlist.

Do far I’ve noticed common maps to appear are Harvest in Infinity Slayer and SWAT, and Shatter in Big Team Battle (Shatter is one of the best BTB maps in Halo history by the way. One of the few things 343i has done in Halo 4 that really impressed me).

They are in the rotation, believe me. I’m actually somewhat excited for the new maps. I’m hoping that there is a remake in there somewhere.

Wait for map pack 2, im hoping thats more successful since its smaller maps.

And why would you make a playlist DLC-restricted (other than DLC playlists), that screws over more ppl than it benefits.

Imdefinately not implying they should make it dlc restricted, but at least match me up with people that have the maps, i dont care if i have to wait a little longer. Although when all 3 map packs are released, i do believe theyshould make the playlists DLC restricted, and have only a few that dont require the maps, just like halo 3 was.