Why did 343i go Backwards with Halo 4?

With the Halo: REACH game the developers added a Long-awaited feature to Earn Points / cR by playing the Campaign. Plus they added Campaign to Matchmaking thereby increasing ways to earn game credits (cR). Additionally while enjoying the campaign missions you could see what points were earned with each enemy ‘kill’.

These wonderfully added features are completely Gone from Halo: 4.

So, 343i, Please correct your lack of foresight with the Multi Million Dollar Franchise known as HALO.

  • Removed comment: “Way TOO much like Halo: 2”

Post is in regards to Campaign in Halo: 4, not Halo: 2.

> Fact is Halo: 4 is Way TOO much like Halo: 2.

If only this were true.

“Too much like Halo 2”.

I’ve heard everything this forum can throw at me now

disc space for both games is restricted so 343 this time around took away some stuff to either polish the game more or add new material , and you always have the obvious option of still playing halo reach

> > Fact is Halo: 4 is Way TOO much like Halo: 2.
> If only this were true.

Exactly. I’d love to have halo 2 multiplayer back.

Reach is Not the point. The point is in regards to earning XPerience points, which were in Halo: Reach and Not in Halo: 4.

Memory issues are adjustable in development of software for ANY computer.

With how bad Reach was, I don’t think they could’ve gone backwards if they tried…

I really am not at all good in the multiplayer and prefer to just stay away from it, with the general public (below the age of 50).

Campaign, Firefight, and custom games were the ONLY way in Reach that I went from the starting rank to Inheritor.