Why Did 343 Go Back To The Halo 3(Or Earlier) Pistol Model???

I getting anniversary but I’m wondering why they went back to the Halo 3 model of the pistol. If you remember demo gameplay from earlier this year of "The Silent Cartographer"that was released, they had the Reach model pistol in early stages but now they have some Halo 3 or earlier model of the Pistol. I personally liked the Reach pistol model compared to the pistol from previous games. Could anyone explain why they went back to the older versions???

:Gameplay Of CEA Demo

Note:They had the Reach model pistol in the demo

They did that with Cortana too, she has her Halo 3 look in CE:A. It was for the sake of consistency and if i remember right, the Reach pistol is a different model than than the Halo 3 model.

It was just aesthetics choices, i wouldn’t read too much into and over analyze things if i were you.

where is the multi player

> where is the multi player

I only meant Campaign sorry…

I think when we saw the first few videos of gameplay, there was a lot of placeholder models that they just used from Reach.