why did 343 DNF all 16 players in BTS

on 1-31-13 at 11:12pm PST. 16 of us were playing BTS in exile and we all finished the game and yet when i go to my stats and look at the game history its says that everyone in the game DNF … somewhere in the middle of the game 343 ended it, gave us all DNF’s, no medals but yet let us finish the game … so who do i contact to get an explanation on this BIG BUG

if you want to contact customer services about game stats, good luck. Doubt they even care.Anyways it’s a Bug since day one, if you immediately back out of a game lobby after a match you get DNF. Otherwise if you back out during map voting, it limits the chances of previous match to be counted as DNF.It could be that or you simply lost connections during match so stats are out sync. Therefore resulting in DNF status.

well in the game that i am talking about, it did stop twice during it and if memory serves me right the second time was fairly long but it did go back to the game and everyone finished it out to the victory/loss point … the point tho that you bring up about backing out of the game at after a match is very interesting … which leads me to my next question …How does the “banhammer” read all of these DNFs

Maybe it was because of a bad internet connection. You’re making it seem like 343 played a trick on you, or something. Lag happens, and it’s just one game. If it happens every time then you have more grounds to be upset.

Yeah I would call the police on this issue, seriously , this is post for real ?? WTF is going on in peoples lives to post this sort of nonsense

@glynnbo …i’m not sure how you figure it’s nonsense … nonsense would be NOT posting it … cause if there is a problem when a game is stopped due to lag by 343 then they should tell us at that moment, instead of letting us continue to play, thinking that we might get a win or some medals or finish up those challenges … course if you don’t care about your stats or if a DNF caused by bad host/lag, might bring out the 'banhammer" on you … then pay no attention to this thread, but i do care about my stats and the banhammer

@ms69499n well i dont think 343 played a trick on us but it is a real situation that someone needs to look into …but if you doubt me(and thats ok) go check all of your game history and look at all your DNFs and see if any of them include both teams/players and if they all got a DNFs … of the 194 games that are DNFs in my game history 50% of them are that way, where both teams and all players have DNFs … then get back to me

Its a “bug”. Ran into that the first time I played it, and man, was I pissed as a bull. I think their was another map with that same problem and I played it recently. I’ll let you know.

@ riot … yea its a bug alright a BIG BUG …so far it has happened on Exile, Ragnorok, Longbow, Vortex most of the BTS maps, i couldn’t tell you if it is map related or lag/host connection problem but if you ever are in a game and it stops and sends you to the red/blue scoreboard screen and then takes forever to start back up… you will know if it announces the game again that you will have a DNF, at that point even tho you get to keep on playin the game …nothing past that new start point will be in your records/stats you just end up playing the game for …nothing altho 343 doesn’t tell you this at all.