Why did 343 change the aiming from the beta?

So I didn’t notice it at first but recently I have been experiencing the changes 343 has made to the aiming in the full game compared to the beta and it feels terrible at times. I’m not a bad player but I have terrible matches lately because the aiming just feels off.

Does anyone know why 343 changed this and does anyone know if the December update will give us the extra controls settings to fix this?

I don’t know, I never got to play the beta. Glad I could help.

They are giving you the ability to fine tune your aiming more in the December update. I don’t think they’ve gone into specifics though. I would assume that those would be coming in tomorrows live stream. At least I can hope they are.

It seems that they changed it for the sake of changing it. There is a lot of things that were fine in the beta, but were changed in the release, such as the aiming, the lighting on the maps, which I had no problem with before, and also the menu UI.

Aiming was changed due to “feedback”.

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> I don’t know, I never got to play the beta. Glad I could help.

You are truly doing the Lord’s work.

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> Aiming was changed due to “feedback”.

Honestly, it’s a terrible feedback.

This aiming thing is really hard. Problem is people are experiencing different things. I had really big issues with the aiming at first but in the last update they made the aiming “okay” at least for me. What i don’t understand is why every other game don¨t have any of these problems but halo 5 does. Really hope they fix the aiming completely, so the aiming is perfect and the same for everyone in the December update.