Why couldn't they just make the ai smarter?

Why did they have to increase the damage tables when going up in difficulty instead of just making the ai smarter?

From the standing point of the programmer it’s virtually impossible to create an AI that can compete against veteran players without some sort of buff. I’m not sure of the exact buffs that higher leveled AIs receive but they get smarter as well. Though being smarter than a normal AI is not saying much.

And they also get a bunch of free resources. At ~130 automatic difficulty you’ve got vultures in your base by ~5mins, better hope you’re good at that guass rush!

I wish I knew what the damage tables were just so I could see what I was fighting. I got the automatic difficulty to 199 and let me say don’t even bother fighting enemy units. just go and kill enemy bases or let your own AI fight with the enemy, I watched my scarab get killed by a scorch wraith. it is just ridiculous. and yeah watch for vultures at about 6 min and scarabs at 7 min.

In the end from about 128 or so to 199 I was just playing glacial ravine and making the AI glitch so they bunch up in the corners. it was kinda funny to quad mack a scarab and see that it only took down about 1/8 or so of its hp

As it’s been said, making AI is a pain in the -Yoink-, trust me.

And in terms of the AI being OP at different difficulties, if I remember correctly, it’s because the AI gets more starting supplies and more damage per second than you (varies by difficulty, that’s a given).