Why Classic Playlists Will Be Broken

Assumimg that the carbine is actually in H5 despite it not appearing in the beta, which pretty stupid given how a weapon that requires the most individual trigger pulls to hit to then kill, it should have been in the beta to test its effectiveness. Obviously, with sheer focus on movement in Halo 5, the shots required to hit must be reduced or the weapon will become incredibly inferior to the other precision rifles.

Now, for my second point. 343 claim the game will feature the ability to turn all the, ahem, “super necessary mainstream gaming trends that have to be in the game cause all other games are doing it” features. This won’t help any, as all the weapons, like the example above, have to be balanced for this trendy nonsense. So put them into a classic setting and stuff is going to be very op, as players are mowed down by way to fast kill times being to slow move.

The solution is to have a customs setting editing the traits of each individual weapons damage, fire rate etc, or have a setting in game setting that changes the damage ratios of weapons for these game types. It’s not as simple as using a damage modifier. Increasing base move speed will also not help as you will need to be going like 130% base move constantly, which is to fast For map design.