Why Change All the Forerunner Weapons?

I noticed most, if not all the main Promethean weapons changed drastically from Halo 4. The Boltshot is now burst fire with no charge feature, Lightrifle has no burst, Suppressor fires homing rounds instead of a high volume spray, and the Incineration Cannon shoots small rounds instead of a cluster. None of the weapons in past Halo games underwent such major transformations. Usually they’d introduce a new weapon instead of changing it (ex, DMR didn’t replaced Battle Rifle even though they’re similar). Did 343 decide the Promethean weapon functions were bad in Halo 4?

Except for the homing rounds the suppressor fires, I actually hated every change they made to the Forerunner arsenal lol. Maybe they felt they needed nerfing, but in my mind Promethean weapons SHOULD be OP.

they had bad mechanics in h4.
Scattershot has a slower shoot ratio now, but more powerful rounds. Binary rifle was too op so they nerfed it. Suppressor isn’t useless anymore. Boltshot isn’t lame anymore. Light Rifle is still a useful mid range weapons although the in-scope shots are quite tricky to land. It’s not a reskin of the dmr anymore. Pulse grenades are now not useless anymore, although a bit too op imo. Inci cannon, well I don’t see too much of a difference. Altogether they did change them for the better.

I love every change they made to the Promethean weapons. They all feel useful and powerful like they should be.

The suppressor use to be laughed at in Halo 4. Now it’s practically feared because of it’s strength and homing ability.

Promethean weapons in h4 were bad. They were just up-powered clones of existing weapons…at least some were up powered, others were just plane bad, or dull due to being forced into loadouts. They showed very little in terms of uniqueness.

Their h5 incarnations change all that. Also the incineration cannon builds up for a blast if you hold it down, its not only small shots.

Only thing I dont like are the homing rounds. Feel like I am playing destiny. But I do like the changes to the weapons more of a personal gripe.

The only change I don’t like to Forerunner weapons is the Incineration cannon. I loved that thing, it used to be point and shoot, now it has a charge. I hate charge weapons.

In halo 4, for the most part promethean weapons were just reskins of covenant and unsc weapons. This was necessary for them to be balanced in loadouts. Since loadouts no longer exist in halo, 343 had the liberty to redesign them to be different and more unique. This is the reason why myself and many others lobbied 343 to scrap loadouts.

Because frankly the Forerunner weapons in H4 were downright awful. The binary was just a boring sniper, the incinerator was an even more braindead rocket, the boltshot was an overly abused spawn mauler, the suppressor was just trash, the scattershot was just an even more random and redundant shotgun, the light rifle was really the only one that wasn’t bad.

Because they sucked - they are quite interesting now, in both campaign and multiplayer.

tbh i hate the boltshot now. it was my favorite weapon mainly for CQC because of the charged shotgun rounds.

> None of the weapons in past Halo games underwent such major transformations.

Fuel Rod from Halo PC to Halo 2 (Probably one of the most significant changes in Halo History if you’ve ever used it).
Plasma Rifle from Halo Ce to Halo 2
Brute Shot from Halo 2 to Halo 3
Could list more but I’m feeling lazy.

I think the changes are overall pretty good. Suppressor feels a lot more useful, Binary Rifle is more unique and better balanced, Scatter Shot is now a lot more consistent.