Why certain Casual Players are not buying this game and What can be Fixed to bring them back

First let start off with why most my casual players are not buying this game.
#1. Playable Elites are missing. How to Solve this problem hopefully the next campaign or add on will let you play Elites in Multiplayer or Online Campaign. Imagine all the money you could make. This is another reason people love to play Halo 2 and 3 they loved playing as the Arbiter or Elites. I get this all the time from Casual players of Halo and why they didn’t care to play Halo 4 and 5. Playable non human characters! It was really good playing an Elite also in multiplayer on Halo 2 and 3 and I made it to Rank 49 as an Elite - No Excuses please.
#2. Please have health bars removed from bosses. Big Mistake in terms of Design and maybe have that missing on Heroic or Legendary. Easy it would make sense.
#3. Not letting people who loved to buy the collectors editions or True Halo fans play the campaign game early. It seems you had to be a youtuber in order to play early and not those who might give you true honest opinions. I am glad you guys are least giving me a chance to explain what I think would make the game better. You might have alienated some big fans of the franchise and thanks for letting me play the Beta and give my feedback on the forums.
Even if you didn’t agree with it. I hope you let me and others continue to voice our Honest opinions about the game and what could make it better.
Thanks for all the hard work you have done so far on this game!
Much Love!

Casuals aren’t buying Halo Infinite for meaningless issues like these?

If that’s the case, then 343 has a lot more to worry about than unrewarding XP systems and scuffed customization…

Edit: I’m not saying that having these things would be bad, but…


I’m a casual (I know, bad player blah blah)… I’m not playing because the XP system is broken and I feel like the game doesn’t want me to play against bots (NO XP FROM BOTS)

Just what I am hearing and when I talk to other game designers, animators as well. They really miss playing as the Elites and have no desire to play a better version of Halo CE. If you want another honest opinion most see this as just a Reboot of Halo CE. But will see - now that people are posting the campaign on youtube. I would have to agree to a point. It kinda reminds me more of HALO ODST meets Halo 1. if I was 343 I would try to do something more like HALO 2 and HALO 3 did with different environments and other characters you can play as which one being an Elite at least. Could have a Female Spartan too as a Third Character and 4th character being the Arbiter. Imagine all the customization you could unlock for those characters… The game would also have more of a chance lasting longer. Just my opinion.

I don’t care about the campaign personally, just the multiplayer (but I play against bots so I’m a dumb-dumb to people)

I don’t disagree at all that nuanced things like playable Elites would help with player engagement, but I just don’t understand the argument.

These things are fantastic points, but I haven’t given so much as a single thought towards any of them until just now. They just aren’t important enough to ward off casual or new players. (At least, if I’m understanding the concern right.)

No they are important cause these people want those characters or race playable. Otherwise they really don’t have any interest playing Halo infinite which they just see as a Halo 1 Reboot, sure they might just jump on to play halo multiplayer for free but after that no reason to buy the game. They would more likely jump into the game if they had more variety. That is all and yes it does help in my opinion to have different characters or creatures running around in multiplayer or coop. :man_shrugging:

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I don’t understand why you feel the need to argue in the place of whoever “these” people are, but I agree that playable Elites would be fun.

What I don’t agree with is the idea that the absence playable Elites is a game-changer for most. YOU might want them, but who says other casuals like you and me feel the same way?

I am not the only person saying they want them again talking to casual gamers. Again going up to Random people and talking about game design at video game conventions or just the joys of playing Halo 2 and 3. The topic which comes up mostly is people usually wanting playable Elites or when I talk Halo to people at my work. Without me bringing it up they usually bring up wanting Elites playable. Don’t know what else to tell ya. Yes Fun is good! That is what you want when it comes to Game Design. The more options you have the better the game is technically speaking.

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Look, it’s pointless to debate something trivial like this. I don’t disagree that playable Elites would be beneficial to casual player retention, but this won’t be a selling factor to the global audience. It hasn’t been in over a decade.

For all intents and purposes, I agree with everything you’ve said except for the title.

Casuals never even knew that elites were playable in past games.

Casuals don’t care about health bars on bosses in campaign.

Casuals don’t care about collectors editions.

All of those are opinions that only an enthusiast would bring up.


Thanks again just going by what people are saying is all.

Not True entitled to your opinion.
When I say Casual gamers. I mean those who enjoyed playing the game and finishing the campaign or playing online cause they could play as something else other then human character. That is all. :slight_smile:

That is a very limited definition for “casual”

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Hardcore gamer would play game more for ranking. Usually casual gamers just play the game for fun.

That isn’t what you said though

I said casual gamers said those things. They miss it and me being more of a hardcore gamer and game designer. I do miss variety is all.
For me personally I didn’t mind playing as an elite to reach level 49. Don’t know what else I can say to convince you. Sorry :slight_smile:

can’t buy F2P game lol