why can't you play the spartan ops on silver?

All the sites i’ve looked at say it’s an extension to the campaign that can be played in solo or coop.

but then I found out you need to buy gold to play it, little unfair if it’s meant to extend the campaign.

I only play halo for the story, I have no interest in the online components as I do my online gaming on the pc.

sounds as bad as needing gold to use IE on the xbox which is free.

does microsoft charge for everything?

will i miss anything interesting by not playing spartan ops?

edit, nvm, found all the other threads about it, won’t bother with and just play the main campaign. would be a waste of money to pay for extra missions you can’t even play offline…

Agreed. It shouldn’t br gold only.

> will i miss anything interesting by not playing spartan ops?

Not really, just that

Halsey lost her hand and that Jul 'Mdama now has half of the Janus key, and Halsey, while UNSC now has the other half of the key.

Also, Jul destroyed Requiem.

That is pretty much all you need to know.

You can get the majority of the story via waypoint’s own youtube videos on it.

I disagree with the other comments and think missing Spartan Ops is a pretty big deal. It means missing a complete segment of the game where you get to play as someone other than Master Chief. Also lots of folks like playing SO over and over as it’s a nice long series with a lot of chances for different gameplay over time. Not to mention the weekly challenges and achievements if you’re interested in completing those things. I enjoyed Spartan Ops and think it’s a nice change of pace from the campaign and multiplayer every now and then.

The functionality to play an integral part of the game should be included in the price when we purchase the game.

Should have been available to silver accounts. But it could have been a get more money ploy. By saying, “If you want to play this other part of the game that is on the disk…then you must give us more moneys.” If you’re interested into the story…your missing a few good bits. Gameplay wise…it’s ok…but it could have been a lot better.

Ya, I wish Spartan Ops was for Silver players as well…

I hardly play Halo 4 becuase all teh best stuff is only avalible online, and I cant play online…

The gameplay is skippable, but definitely check out the cutscenes on Youtube. Truly excellent.

i redeemed the 14 day trial code from the game and a had play (solo), not that bad. but i won’t be buying gold to play it all.

i’ll check out the vids on youtube though.

maybe they’ll release an update in the future that removes the online lock…

for the record, the back of the game case says nothing about gold being required to play or download spartan ops. in fact it’s confusing as it says at the top experience new missions in co-op or solo and down the bottom is says gold needed to play spartan ops online (implys gold only needed for multiplayer)

elsewhere online it says gold is required to download spartan ops, this is not the case as it can be downloaded via silver.

they really don’t make things clear do they.