Why can't you cancel a matchmaking search

I don’t care if it’s free to play, I dont care if Covid interrupt their development process and I don’t care if they had a $500 million budget. Why can’t you stop a search and back out like in older Halos…why. This SIMPLE FEATURE.

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you can. well atleast i can on pc

You can do this, at least I can on Series X. You just need to either click the left or right stick. Can’t really remember which one atm, but it one of them…

You can cancel search - I swear there is even a big cancel button.


Pretty sure it’s bright red as well…lol

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Uh you can back out. What are you talking about?

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You can back out by holding the left stick like it says on your screen. But once the game is found and has started loading, you can’t back out anymore. And right now games are usually found pretty fast.


I couldn’t agree anymore with this for sure.

You can, it is just that quick in finding games. So if you plan to play, you are going to play.