Why can't we view our stats or medals?

What is the point of rank if we can’t see our stats? . Why show us medals earned with the number in a single match without letting us see them over all. ? Multiplayer and player stats go together. Other games can litteraly tell me how many kills per weapon I have. I find this such a let down.


The medals do nothing, they are like an after though or “easy code” to make you feel great. They do not link to performance based rewards because that does not allow for the lowest common denominator (LCD). Just as the game does not allow the LCD to progress easily with limited time and / or skill.

I am one of the LCD’s, I have just no time for this game and I will still waste what I have on it, that is the irony of this world.

Agreed, when you get something difficult to get like killionaire, or killpocalypse please excuse me if I misspelled those, or any medal at all really it’s nice to track and look at them. Really no point in having them if you can’t see them. I mean they hype you up in game… but I’d like to see how many of certain medals I’ve obtained throughout the course of my gameplay… you can definitely see stats on any other fps game. Especially for ranked.

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Yh, i wanna see leaderboards for medals again, like who has the most no scopes and so on.

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You can’t view medals or stats because 343 wants players to show off their cosmetics, not their skill.


I’d really like to see how many ninja’s ive gotten overall because I’m not that coordinated so those are a big deal for me lol

The new website design isn’t finished. There should be much more in future updates. Whenever that is.

Yep for some reason this new wave of games do not want to show you stats or anything at all. Battlefield is also in this boat now and it’s just utterly sad. These developers are getting more and more lazy when it comes to this stuff, and they think people won’t care or don’t care about what is missing. It’s 2022 and we are still having issues with Stats not being displayed after the match. Meanwhile games like Quake have it down to a T showing you every individual weapons damage. Funny… 343 wants Halo Infinite to be a competitive shooter but doesn’t want to do the work providing. Hah, if you play on PC you have to use the E key to scroll through the stats after the match. They didn’t even take the time or effort optimizing that to the arrow keys or allowing you to change it in the settings (to my knowledge).

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