Why can't we return the flag in BTB objective

Not being able to return the flag is one of the biggest buzz kills of this game. In every Halo game if the enemy team drops your flag you have the chance to defend it and, return it, be that a 15 second return, 10 second, or 5 second, it doesn’t matter.

In Halo 4 for whatever reason there is like one playlist where this happens,(I’m pretty sure team throwback is the only one). So when it comes to Big team flag it is almost impossible to return it, and I’ll tell you why.

When the enemy steals your flag then gets killed, the flag has a 30 second timer until it is returned to your base. The only problem is that if they get a single touch the time resets to 30. Meaning that they can slowly push the flag back to their base, it doesn’t matter if the whole team wipes. they simply respawn, touch, die, over and over again until the flag is captured. This isn’t right especially when you’re in Big team where there are 8 man teams.


Make it so we can return the flag in all gametypes. This sort of gameplay is a hindrance to Halo.

P.S. Get rid of the “Kill” marker overhead when someone has the flag, but that’s not too big of an issue.

I would prefer the flag return was sped up by players touching it rather then the set timer it now has.

Thats what i’m trying to say. maybe I didnt make that clear enough

I wouldn’t rank it up there as a huge buzz kill, but to each their own. The automatic timer makes for a faster game, definitely a more offense-minded game. But the flip side of that is you have to actually defend your flag now instead of just sitting on it for five seconds. If you have decent CTF teammates you can get a lot of great action in such situations. As for the kill marker, hasn’t that been in every Halo CTF game?

I prefer it without a reset timer. I do like the flat 30 seconds. A solid team can defend it without even a single touch. if the team is failing to team-shot or keep an open eye for variables like mongooses, jetpack and mobile sprinters then the offensive team should rightfully inch their way across the field.

just my opinion though, yours just makes for slightly different gameplay, all opinions man,haha.

In my experience it is to common with tied matches because it is hard capturing the flag on Skirmish. I think the 30 sec timer is absolutely essential to award team work. Already CTF on Ragnarok is hard with base camping and people playing slayer style.

we really do need to be able to reset the flag on our own, I say that because almost every CTF game I join is ruined by new players who only rush. The other day I was doing btb ctf on longbow and my ENTIRE team went to grab the banshee and started to kill each other over it, i went over to the water’s edge to grab the railgun and by the time I grabbed it our flag was ALREADY where I was. I quickly dropped the carier and the driver, but then the rest of the enemy team came and killed me and took the flag. By the time they captured it my “team” was over to where I had died. After I quit I realized that I would have returned the flag on my own if you could reset it yourself…
As for the “touch capture methood”, that is what everyone does now because unless you have vehicle support it is almost impossible to prevent 1 out of 5 people from grabbing the flag right before death…

30 second timer needs team roles to be clearly defined. Even if all they are doing is flag touches a strategy based entirely on defense is not going to win. Team roles for offense, objective pull and defense need to be there. You’ve already indicated there is insufficient penalty associated with just objective pulling so use it to your advantage while still holding some defense.