Why can't we quote people?

Everytime i quote someone the system removes it. Is there any reason why?

What is your forums trust level?

Where do I check that?

If you recently created an account, then the reason may be you have trust level 0. If you have read pages and gotten a notification from the forum bots that your trust level increased, you should get a docu or link to the trust guide and the most recent text concerning forums trust is your current. Other then that, I don’t really know how.

I think I might be trust level 2

If you quote the full post, and your reply is the next post following the one you quoted, then the system removes the quote. It shouldn’t happen if you only quote part of the post.

If there are other replies after the one you’re replying to, then full quote shouldn’t be removed. I’ve used full quote for your original post in this reply, for example.

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That makes more sense, I’m still used to the old way point.

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