Why cant we play?

objective games on Firefight maps, And why can’t we play Firefight on Swordbase etc… Sounds fun to me… Fix it, Can’t even do in custom

This has been answered many times in various forums, but the short version is this:

Firefight maps and Multiplayer maps are built differently from the ground up. Making one type work for the other mode would require completely rebuilding the map, it’s not something you can just patch in.

They’d probably be able to reuse the art design and textures, but from what I’ve heard they would have to start over on all of the map geometry. I don’t know if you’re aware of the difference between sychronus (Campaign Co-op, Firefight) and Asynchronus (Multiplayer) gameplay, but each map is built specifically for one type only.

I’m sure if they could easily patch it in they would have done so by now :wink:

/shrug gow 2 did it… And should be able to do in custom. Umm can’t be hard to put a flag in a base say on beachead