⚠ Why can't we have a CUSTOM GAME BROWSER?

Ya I know we need FORGE ok, but we can still play custom games with our OWN setups and would be more fun than the stock maps. :muscle:

Ya I know forge is important but gimme a break. I have setup my in Custom Games that is more fun than the stock maps that are being play’n right now. Example:

  1. Better starting Weapons
  2. Faster movement
  3. More Ammo
  4. Jump Higher
  5. Crappy Weapon Now can kill people!
  6. Vehicles can run over and kill people better than the stock maps.
  7. Turn Off Stupid Friendly Fire.
    And lots more.

So why not give a Custom Game Browser to us user’s ? IMHO there is no excuse not to have a Custom game browser. At least we can create some better games till we get forge!

I wish BEER KEG ( Warm Beer )would make another Custom Game Browser like they did for Halo MCC till 343i got a Custom Game Browser for MCC.

We need a Custom Game Browser for Halo Infinite ASAP!! :confounded:


In time a custom games browser would be nice, but there’s hardly any infrastructure to support it currently.

It’s clear players are already upset about the incomplete nature of Infinite alresdy, why compound upon that with functions that will deliver the same result?

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There are too many things above it on their priority list


“Why can’t we have a CUSTOM GAME BROWSER?”
Because the multiplayer has only been out less than three months, and the full game has been out less than two months.
When a game is first released, there aren’t going to be these advanced features that took years to be added to previous games to be added to the new game within weeks of its release. Such advanced features are often designed specifically for the past games without direct consideration for all future games made by any one developer.

To give a more real-world example:
“Hey, Toyata! You need to add doors that flip upwards to open on this year’s new model of your Corolla!”
“…That was an experimental design that failed testing, It was also only designed for a single car model over 30 years ago…”
“…Someone call security and get this crazy person out of our manufacturing plant…”

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That is where Beer Keg ( Warm Beer )would come in and create a Custom Game like he did for Halo MCC!

Here is Beer Kegs ( Warm Beer )Custom Game Browser that is still up and running to this day for MCC


So It can be done! By Who…Who knows? I just hope some of you GENIUS PROGRAMERS can figure it out! :confounded:

I’m Willing to pay $200.00 ( I know it ain’t much but it’s all I can pay at this time ) to have somebody to create a Custom Game Browser for Halo Infinite. Hell I would even host it for FREE!!

Anyone wanting a more casual friendly experience out of the game would want this. This will always provide a way more casual and laid back experience then anything any matchmaker could provide.

Just watch this video and it should be abruptly clear how much more social it is with a server browser:


I just found out it maybe difficult to make a Custom Game Browser the reason is Infinite relies on XBL services and that makes it difficult to work with.

Well that sucks! :frowning:

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Because Forge isn’t out yet and the servers are not optimized yet.

They are working on it. They talked about it in the cannon fodder of December or some week ago

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Server browsers are pretty common on PC games. They aren’t as advanced as you might think.


Yeah. The reason why they aren’t in the game is because 343i made a choice to not have them. MCC has 343i-hosted dedicated servers but those will go down permanently someday. Titanfall 2 now has player-hosted servers on PC and it’s keeping the game alive.

OP, if you want to play customs with other people then you have to go find a group of people yourself. 343i isn’t offering another option.

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Forge honestly would be ruined for me without a custom games browser. I don’t want it to be MCC all over again when they drag their feet on something that important. Not everyone has massive friend groups who play halo it is essential.


Yeah but we need Forge otherwise all we have is ‘stock maps’. Changing weapons spawns won’t make the maps better. We need the ability to actually change the map layouts.

*Why can’t we have CUSTOM GAMES?

@ Invoked_by_Red) Stated" Yeah but we need Forge otherwise all we have is ‘stock maps’. Changing weapons spawns won’t make the maps better. We need the ability to actually change the map layouts."

Granted we need forge but in the mean time having a custom game browser can make maps more fun until we get forge. .Here is an example in my modded modes:

Better starting Weapons
Faster movement
More Ammo
Jump Higher
Crappy Weapons now can kill people!
Vehicles can run over and kill people better than the stock maps
Stupid Friendly Fire is “Turned Off”

and lots more :sweat_smile:

I have 3 modded modes:

  1. Xtreme CTF BTB ( For BTB Maps )
  2. Xtreme Close Quarters ( Close Quarter Maps )
  3. Slayer’s Fly’n High ( BEHEMOTH Map )

They are so much more fun than stock maps :heart_eyes_cat:

If you would like to play my maps here is my friends steam number ----> 1157957152
Just add me if your interested… :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it was so easy to implement for the MCC. It took only a few days, it brought the custom games browser to all the games in the MCC, and all parts of the custom games browser worked well enough to not have any noticeable issues.
Oh, that’s right. None of that is true either.

Come on… At least try using some argument that isn’t disproved by blatant facts of the history of the past few years.

Do you seriously not know how common they are in PC games? They’re incredible prevelant. Custom browsers are historical in PC gaming at this point. I don’t know what’s so hard about it when they’re this common.


yeah . It was even in the halo pc and halo 2 vista port. Those were the first and second time ever halo got a cgb.
So in retrospect the cgb IS halos legacy for pc. I understand until h5 it was never on xbox But you cant release a game on pc especially an fps game and not have a cgb. It hurts


I keep telling people this is a live service and they need to wait for content to accumulate. Everyone keeps comparing it to Halo 5 when they need to be comparing it to Apex and Fortnite.

Halo 5 was awful BTW and the Spartans looked ridiculous.

WOW! Dude You say Halo 5 was “AWFUL”? :rofl: whoa dude Halo 5 was awesome especially Forge!
And IMHO as far as the skins go they are a hell better in Halo 5 then those Unreal Tournament Wanna be skins in Halo Infinite! :rofl: