Why can't we have a Custom Game Browser Now?

Why can’t we have a Custom Game Browser Now? at least we can run the stock game modes while 343i is screwing around with other stuff to fix in the meantime! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Side Note:
Stock Game Modes work! - - - → Modded game modes don’t work!


I had modded BTB:CTF. game mode and Made 50 different changes in my modded game mode. It could not connect to those MS Azure Game Servers nor could I edit my modded game mode after I shut down the game.

This is the error message I get with my modded game modes:

( looks like the game modes can’t handle 50 different changes ) :rofl:
( It gives me the impression that it’s “NOT” transitioning the user’s modded game modes with 50 different changes in a game mode )

I wonder if 343i set the MAX. number of changes you can make in a game mode? hummm :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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If people want a more casual experience, a custom game browser would be the most ideal way to create one. So I support this ten fold.


I’m glad I am not the only one that wants a Custom Game Browser NOW!

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When you say “modded” do you mean modifying the game outside of custom game parameters?

If that’s the case, it makes total sense that you’d be unable to connect to official servers. You’re essentially running a version of the game that’s incompatible with the current build.

I am talking about the game mode itself NOT THE MAP WHY cuz we don’t have forge in H.I. On all of the game modes I have made approx. 50 different changes in the game mode!

EXAMPLE: This is a Game Mode → BTB:CTF

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We are Talking about Game Modes Only! Now if that is the case then 343I should not have gave the user options to change in the game modes settings in the first place!

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Again not really clear on the message here boss.

Are you modifying the gamemodes within -custom game mode parameters- or outside of what the game options allow you to do?

Well if you’re “modding” the game, 343 never allowed for players to do so.

If you’re “changing” options established in custom game mode settings then there’s a problem with the game that needs to be addressed so that players can use the options available to them to their full extent.

Well no kidding :rofl: Modify the settings in the game mode that’s it! Don’t make it hard to understand dude It aint rocket science! :rofl:

You have alot of settings in a game mode; I modded alot of the settings.

Let me explain what a mod is; MODIDNG - → making changes in a map or a game mode settings from stock. End of explanation.

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Been saying this for a while now.

Infinites number one biggest mistake was not launching with forge and custom game browser…….that would have made the game bearable with the limited amount of content at launch


While I would prefer to see issues with regular custom games fixed first, plus forge mode, I think one thing that would be nice about a Custom Game Browser now would be the abundance of regular matches instead of minigames.

FYI modding is not the word to use for changing the settings of a custom game. Modding refers to changing the game files or RAM to make the game behave differently. The Halo modding scene is still alive and kicking even for Infinite. People used it to play FFA early, use unfinished weapon leftovers, and mess around in campaign.

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I’m making a distinction.

You’re the one conflating terms.

You “modified” or “changed” the settings within the game’s intended parameters, you didn’t “mod” game files outside of them.

If you manipulated data outside of the parameters of what you’re allowed access to through the UI, that is modding.

“Modding” is not the same as “modifying”.

A “modded” Xbox is not the same thing as an Xbox where the user “modified” settings.

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Whatever floats your boat. I have never had a Xbox and it will be a cold day in hell before I ever buy a Xbox!
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