Why Can't We have 8 bots on each team?

Why Can’t We have 8 bots on each team in custom games?


Last time I checked you could but that was the max.

You can’t, you can only have 8 bots in total, so it’d be split between each time. Could make it 4 bots on each time.

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Ya I know but would have been nice to have 8 bots on each team. It would be great in practice and the bots would drop when you have friends joining the game. I don’t have 16 friends that can join at the same time. :rofl:

Kinda Sucks Donut eh?

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I agree, I was replying to the other guy. I wish we could do big team bot battle, I right there with ya man


It’s been like this for half a year.
Not a single response from devs about it. Kind of ridiculous.

Can someone from the studio answer OPs question?

And uh, WHEN will this limiting custom match nonsense stop.

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This. I tested this back in december, wanted to do a 5v5. Instead it was a 5v4. I tried 8v8 but guess what? I spawned alone in my team and 8 bots on the other, making it a 1v8.

Apparently, nothing beyond 4v4 works. So, why can we start games with these options to begin with?

Most likely the restriction is in place because bots take up network bandwidth and network resources to operate. I thought I read somewhere a bot requires a whole separate server to run calculations, but that seems ridiculous. Overall custom game bots are confusing to set up, and a majority of the time don’t even assign to the correct teams.

Well they work for me no issues. Its a no brainer to setup!

Since we can have 7 bots Total in the game.

  1. Setup the bots difficulty.
  2. Select the number of bots on the Cobra Team ( 3 Bots cuz I’m the Cobra Team )
  3. Select the number of bots on the Eagle Team ( 4 Bots )

I really don’t understand why you say it’s confusing to setup up the bots. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Side Note: Be prepared to see that the BOTS ARE REALLY REALLY STUPID! :rofl: Especially in Capture The flag and Stockpile.

In Stockpile in the Map Breaker They will pick up the seed the just throw in on the ground and go no where :rofl:

In Capture The Flag I forget what team now but when one of the bots grab the flag they bring back it to their base the just run around their base and won’t cap the flag!! :rofl:

Being able to play with bots offline blows that out of the water. The biggest hurdle to playing offline is simply getting around DRM. Disconnecting from the internet after starting and logging into the game is an easy method.

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I agree bud! Would be nice to have 15 total in the game. 8 bots on cobra and 7 bots on Eagle!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left: