WHY Cant we get DOUBLE XP!

The US can but not for us UK gamers (EU)
It’s unfair! Is there another way to obtain double XP? Don’t tell me go to stupid moutain DEW! It’s only for the YANKS! ;(

It is an US exclusive offer, nothing more, nothing less.

Please be quiet, you’re embarrassing us.

Yeah it’s unfair, but oh well.

I kinda agree, it’s a little bit unfair seeing as how Mountain Dew and Doritos are available in the UK as well. Perhaps it’s simple marketing, America consumes the most un-healthy foods in the world (Not a dig at America, just the truth) So what better country to sell it too.

Canadians can get it now…

Yeah, it’s unfair, but oh well. Maybe try mooching off some American friends? :stuck_out_tongue:

> It is an US exclusive offer, nothing more, nothing less.

Canadians get it.

I certainly won’t be looking forward to a fat child boasting about his rank being better than mine because of how much Dew he guzzled and Doritos he crammed in his mouth, suppose it’s not too bad, they’ll be put in higher ranks before they’re ready and will get dominated by people who deserved it.

I just want to point out quickly that I’m not flaming everyone that uses Double XP, just the people that’ll boast about the ranks.

Dew and Doritos are made by a US company, 343i is a US company, Microsoft is a US company. Any questions?

Yankee Doodle went to town riding on a pony. Sorry, that’s all I got from the OP.