Why can't we control/rotate the camera after we die?

Has 343 commented on this at all?

It’s kinda funny how the very much Halo-influenced Splitgate lets you do this, but the newest proper Halo doesn’t


Same reason why assassinations aren’t in yet, or Forge, or Co-Op. 343’s higher ups horribly mismanaged this game and failed to create a team that could create the game needed in the time given.


You know the old saying: Dead men tell no tales, unless their killer is within eyesight.

It’s for competitive reasons, I’m sure.



Probably for competitive reasons. Can’t provide information when you’re dead. I’m okay with it.

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I wish we could do this like in Splitgate. It’s not even about providing info to others, I just want to see what else happens after I die.

If they remove it for competitive reasons they could easily make it an option in customs for scrims, and disable it for Ranked only.

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Yet you can still get some information from when the camera is locked to the player who killed you. Don’t see how being able to rotate it somewhere else could make that much of a difference


I like that you can’t rotate the camera after you die, as it sort of limits the info you get to what you were probably able to see before you went down (or that’s likely the intent).

Pro tip, if you die near your team mate, just switch your camera to follow them and then you can rotate the camera around them. This will help you get callouts to your team on (rate) occasion that would otherwise be missed
It’s not perfect, but sometimes it can help you figure out where you were taken down from for a team callout

Camera is annoying enough already, revealing location by snapping to the killer

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Man this is one of those things that you just quietly cope with until you read a post like this and realize it’s one of the things that bothers you most about the game. I feel like all the other halos have allowed you to rotate your camera after being killed no?


Most definitely competitive reasons. Besides over half the matches no one uses a mic anyway,
Thats why I use the ten seconds to hydrate.


CE and 2 don’t, but 3, Reach, 4, H2A and 5 do


Yeah, not sure. Maybe because cutting to a black screen and cutting your mic would tank the population faster than desync.

Well the camera pans on who kills you until they disappear from the dead person’s view. Then the camera stops. If your camera glitches through a wall, it doesn’t count though and will continue tracing them.

Whatever reasons they are, they don’t make sense for competition either.

The MOST competitive shooters in the market right now let you swivel your camera around your death location and some even let you spectate your allies and help call out to them as a means to promote team play.

Even if this camera position lock is only for FFA, there’s literally no MASSIVE advantage you gain from letting you survey the area around your death, helping you understand where you were flanked from or what not.

Nay, the reason is clear why the Camera tracks the killer and locks the PoV: Vanity.

It’s just another cheap method of trying to get people to spend more on customizations so you can show off in gameplay, just like Kill effects

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Haha, yeah, that’s the right way to do it.

the two most popular kill effects are both earned in a season pass and, wait for it…


I get that 343i does some stupid, dumb, bad stuff but take OFF the tinfoil hat, Sodium. Nobody looked at a competitively useful feature and said, "yeah this is for um, yeah, this - this is for making money :slight_smile: "

Come ON.

yea i NEED this feature cause so many times i die and have no idea where the enemy was so the only other options is go back in theater if theater is even working.

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Im pretty sure during the halo 3 MLG LANs it was actually against the rules to turn your camera after death. Not really relevant to this discussion but still

If you don’t click anything your camera will follow the Spartan that killed you. But as soon as you click or cycle through you can’t come back to your dead body or opponent.

To reach a broader audience.

UI limitations, of course.