Why can't this be a pose?

(If I knew how to post the image to the thread I’d do it. But unfortunately I don’t)

I’m sure many of you have seen this glitch pose thingy. although it really isn’t a pose, I think it would be nice if 343 actually made this a pose.

Community question: Do you like this pose and would you use it?

I saw a funny pose that was half heroic, half default. And another that was half Last Stand, half default. Pretty funny stuff.
But no, I don’t think they should be stances. They just need to make more, not variations of other ones.

They’re the Recruit Stance. If you go to change your Armor, your Spartan is already in Recruit Stance. He then looks around.

Those Stances you’re looking at are just from the Recruit Stance from what I’m talking about. Just a little glitch, or slip.

I’ve seen this before, its a bug. The stances are cool, but a pain to unlock.

I love the glitched out recruit stance, I really wish that was the default. I agree with Austin though, I’d love to see some entirely new stances.

Its just a view of the Spartan turning in Recruit Stance pretty much ;). I do think it would be cool to see some added Stances, and customization features.

Would love to see the different color armor accent lights return honestly, they were neat.