Why can't the DMR be better than the BR?

I see a lot of threads complaining that the DMR is better than the DMR and that the BR should be a 4 shot kill, the DMR is a new weapon or needs to be nerfed, etc.

Why is it that the DMR can’t be better than the BR?

The BR is better for close range and is 5 shot just like the DMR. While some players will be able to use the DMR at close range, it’s not all. Also in my opinion, the BR is definitely better for Swat because of the spread it has.

Now, many people are being bias. Their glorious BR is finally back in Halo 4 but the problem is that it can’t dominate every other weapon.

I’ve heard little complaints about the LR being 3 shot kill when scoped in despite being the slowest power weapon. So I don’t see why there should be complaints about the BR and DMR being different in strength when they are too different guns that are used diffrently.