why can't sprint work?

everyone acts as if sprint can never work in a halo game, nobody wants to try to think of changes to improve sprint to make it work. here’s my thoughts.

sprint problems:some of the biggest problem brought up when discussing sprint: (with some of my thoughts and opinions)

  • sprint causes larger maps. sprint itself does not have to change the map size to much. the number one thing that makes maps bigger and changes sight lines is faster movement, with or without sprint. if you speed the base player traits up, the map size increases. if the map size increases, the sight lines change. you can add sprint without increasing the speed much,or just slow base speed a tad while making sprint as fast as base speed.

  • turns halo into a twitch shooter. again whether you have sprint or not if the movement/base speed is to fast, the guns rate of fire needs to increase. as the movement and gun rate of fire increases. it pushes halo closer and closer to twitch game play. in my opinion halo 5 is much closer to a twitch shooter, but still plays like halo just much faster. in other words its still no swat, in other ways instead of popping out and shooting someone for a split second and killing them, they can still grenade melee, strafe, thrust, or find cover before they die.
    its like having your grandpa play halo 3 and he screams then calls it a twitch shooter, because he doesn’t have time to react. i think halo 3 plays to slow now, people can react better and are used nto faster movement these days, thats why many more people play at a higher sensitivity than back in the day. and why it makes many people want to pull their hair out when they go back to the classic campaign and it feels like you move slow now, when before it felt fast. i thing halo 2, and h3 and to slow for a new halo but i also feel halo 5 is to fast for a healthy halo reaction time.

*forces you to lower your weapon. its ok because your gaining faster movement, at a risk.

*allows everyone to escape when. this in my opinion is a real problem. when you can run away faster than the enemy can chase you down with his weapon drawn.
they are injured.

one way i was thinking of finding a way to make sprint work, is to try thinking of a way you could add sprint to halo 2, or h3, without it changing the game play to much.I know i’m walking on a thin high rope, talking about sprint and the perfect classic halos together. But i still believe sprint can be a nice addition to newer halos if implemented right.

ways to add sprint to classic halo to keep the game play from changing much, and without changing the map drasticaly:

in order to keep the classic feel, sprinting will need to be nerfed. it should only be used in specific times, and base movement needs to be the best way to get around.
base movement has the benefits of full mobility and use of weapons, while sprint gives you a little speed to get around faster and in some cases safer. sprint has several benifits but always with a risk.

battles should remain the same, in other words No easy escaping with sprint. if your shields are low your sprint is disabled. now in some cases sprint can still be used to gain a little ground on a injured player, as long as your shields are full.

sprint speed needs to be closer to base speed. so base speed is still useful, and sprints is only used when necessary.
example: halo 3 with base traits 90/100% and sprint about 10/?% increase, and when your shields are low you cant sprint. maps and sight lines still the same. if you dont use sprint right you will die.

ways/times to use sprint: random things i can think of, its a little sloppy and some things could of just fallen under the same category.

  • campain

*to quickly get to battle, or to back a teammate.

  • to rush to a flag or objective/ objective carier.

*surprising an enemy. the faster you attack the less time the enemy has to respond and the less your shown on radar. you can quickly assassinate a enemy sniper while he is zoomed in.

*to make a risky rush to a power weapon or a vantage point on the map.

*sprinting can help you hijack a vehicle.

*if you see a grenade land next to you , you can sprint away.

  • sprint away when your out numbered by to many enemies or low on ammo.

*you can use it to help get across risky parts of the map, like the top of top mid of lockout.

*to rush a weak enemy player.

  • to just get around faster on the bigger maps like sandtrap or valhalla.

  • it can be used to get around safer. example if a enemy is sniping.

*can save you from getting splattered by a vehicle.

  • can help you dodge a rocket and feulrods blast. needlers, grenade launchers, tank blasts, phantoms or any vehicles guns.

  • you can sprint away from a sword/shot gun player, as your teamates shoot them to stop them from sprinting towards you.

down sides to using sprint:

  • you lower your weapon.(likely losing the first shot)

*you cant throw grenades

*your limited on how far and fast you can turn.

My only point here is i think sprint can work while still keeping the halo feel, it can be balanced to work right for a halo game. it will bring many old and new players back to halo. sprint does not need to be a crutch/escape for noob players and it can take skill to use it just right. if halo 5 was made without sprint it would likely have increased base speed, making maps larger and sight line different anyways.

i played and enjoyed halo 5, but i do admit i felt that people did escape to easily with sprint. espeasially with the thruster pack.

i also don’t understand how people can hate sprint so much, and love the thruster pack so much. the thruster pack gives me almost instant cover after i’m shot, it disables your weapon for a split second. but i seamed to be able to thrust side ways during a fight and with 90% of my 1v1s because it throws the enemy off just enough. when combined with sprint and clamber it allows you to break some map designs.

how did you feel about sprint in halo 5. did people escape to easy, was it just right, should we ditch sprint and up the base speed? is their any way at all that sprint might work for you fans that believe sprint is bad or garbage.

Good points.Also ppl are forgetting that sprint got already nerfed, by no shield recharge while sprinting.

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> how did you feel about sprint in halo 5. did people escape to easy, was it just right, should we ditch sprint and up the base speed? is their any way at all that sprint might work for you fans that believe sprint is bad or garbage.

No they didn’t, especially on maps like regret and truth ppl are never escaping from me with sprint. Unless u have really bad aim, which it appears many of the sprint haters have

I’ve always been against sprint, but I feel like they got it right in H5. I’m cool with it.

thanks for the reply. i did like the nerf to sprint. and i enjoyed halo 5s beta. i don’t mind if escaping has some kind of skill, but if its to easy, then it needs to be more difficult, i found it a little easy to escape, but it was much more difficult than reach or halo 4s sprint,

i think the main problem was that you had to chase people down while lowering your weapon and risking your life. it kinda sucks its like going hunting shooting a bear, if you go sprinting after it another bear might get you. if you let it go your cousin Billy Bob Joe steals your kill, with little work, he starts showing all of his buddies his amazing trophy. and your like damn you Bob joe, ima keel you.

no but for real classic halos felt like if you got into a fight it was you or him. but later halos feel like you can escape easier. i would like to try five without thrust because it saves me so much, i know i would play different without it. but i did enjoy thruster pack and once i got ground pound down it was a lot of fun. but i didnt enjoy charge much because sometime i would use it when really i just wanted to melee someone, and i enjoy clamber, but crouch jump still needs to return. crouch jump added some awesome fun skill moves. and we could even add spots on maps for some cool slide skills. a short hole on a map, that your can slide thrugh to drop down to another floor.

The nerf does next to nothing, I can just thrust behind cover and start sprinting and then keep sprinting because the slowdown window is so short. the reason sprint can’t work is because I’m forced to put my gun down, making me weaker and changing the game from run and gun to stop and pop. It simply changes the game for the worse any way you have it, not to mention its effects on maps and sightlines. trying to stop me from using the mechanic that changes the game so much is awful game design, which is why no nerf will make the game better. honestly thruster with tweaks is a way better ability because it can actually add to the game, sprint doesn’t and can’t, we’ve known this for years at this point.


Your fix to sprint’s effects on map design is to make sprint so slow that it’s essentially pointless?

How is that a better alternative to removing it?

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> So…
> Your fix to sprint’s effects on map design is to make sprint so slow that it’s essentially pointless?
> How is that a better alternative to removing it?

thanks for the reply. my idea behind lowering sprint speed is to find the right ballance between people using sprint to much and to little. what I want people to do is use base movement, all the time. then only use sprint when they believe is ok enough to risk it. like getting around on a large map, or sprinting away from a grenade ex. I feel like sprint in halo is used to often turning the game into a stop and shoot instead of a more tactical, walk and shooth like classic halos had. I understand what you mean, but I really just pIut 10%/? because I have no idea what percent would be right. so I was thinking start low if nobody uses it slowly move it up until its perfect.

> 2535445272577794;6:
> So…
> Your fix to sprint’s effects on map design is to make sprint so slow that it’s essentially pointless?
> How is that a better alternative to removing it?

my point as for keeping map design, is that sprint will be ballance just right so its used smart and if your sprint around all the time like some kind of pixie horse, 90% of the time you will be killed. and making sure base speed is the main thing you will be used. basically adding sprint without loosing the classic battles. instead of people running around sprinting all the time, they will instead use sprint when it is necessary. if sprint is not used much, the maps don’t really need to changed, because if you can’t sprint away when your shields are low. and running around using sprint, against players that are using base speed would be suicide. but sprint is still useful, it would just not take over the game. when sprint is used to much it turns into a sprint/stop/raise gun/shoot. instead of the classic tactical feeling of holding your gun up and ready to shoot.

we tried balancing sprint on this forum, but when you remove all the bad it brings it stops being sprint.