Why Can't our multiplayer Spartans Be Spartan 2's

Honestly It sucks that our Spartans in lore are Spartans 4’s.
Mainly because 343 keeps establishing them as useless. Like pushovers and useless.

Why they even bothered with creating the Spartan 4’s just to basically portray them as Marrines in Spartan Armor because they keep getting smoked by the easiest of enemies.

I Think going forward we should just go with our Multiplayer Spartan is some Spartan 2 or whatever.

Not sure why 343 decided to make the 4’s seems useless.

Could have made them feel more dangerous and worthy of being Spartans, which would only make the actual Spartans 2’s even more bad -Yoink!-.but eh they decided with poor storytelling and undercompensating for some reason.


That would be cool, only problem:
There are 14 active Spartan-II’s.
Also, not all Spartan-IV’s are useless. Locke managed to go fist to fist with Chief without dying in the first 2 seconds

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The problem with Locke is that people say that he shouldn’t have been able to do that, and mainly because prior to Halo 5, 343 basically made the 4’s look like pushovers.

Majestic didn’t give me Spartan Vibes, DeMarco was all over the place. Hoya got clapped by a1 knight. And it took them forever to get through a few Of Jul Mdama’s forces.

Palmer was basically intolerable, I like Agryna she seems like a capable Spartan. But outside of that 343 undercompensate the 4’s in lore initially.

See what I would have done was Establish the Spartan 4’s as some of the best Spartans . But not as good as the 2’s but still very dangerous and destructive. This would only amplify the feats of the Spartans 2’s.

But what 343 chose to do which shows lazy storytelling was let’s re establish the Spartan 2’s are the best by making the new generation of Spartans look weak and useless.

That’s classic story Trope of undercompensating one character to give the other a leg up.

But we are stuck with the lore of our Spartans are weak and get clapped by brutes.

i think we should be Spartan II’s that would be awesome.

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I’m sure they will do a Halo 3/spartan 2 armor core. You can just wear Jorge’s gear and pretend to be a spartan 2. No one can stop you.


YEA THE PROBLEM IS IN cannon Lore we are a new generation of Spartan 4’s. But they already made those guys push overs.

I just don’t understand why 343 went that route with the Spartan 4’s

See I would’ve had the 4s be better than 2s. Tired of the stupid story telling that older generations are bettter even when we have better equipment, weapons etc.