Why can't I watch my Campaign missions

I was going through the campaign with a friend and during on mission I was told I
betrayed him, when I went to temporary file I found it saves the war games but
not the Campaign I was hoping to save clips from campaign to show off some
skill and have moments like do you remember when you did that. Will I be able
to save campaign missions or have I lost that feature forever.

PS:Please bring it back

I want this and scoring back!

Can’t actually believe they took scoring and end of level stats out. That’s basically a big f**k off to fans that enjoy playing these levels repeatedly

Spartan Ops might not even be there one day either so you’re basically stuffed if you want to play the content at that point

343 have made an excellent game in Halo but right now the decisions made with some of these things just makes me think 343 doesn’t give a -Yoink- about it’s minority of fans. Fair enough I guess as they can do what they want but it hardly gets people’s respect if you start taking this stuff out

I can understand replays of campaign a bit more at least because it was likely hogging too much memory or something but scoring and stats are an essential part to replaying these levels for some folk and that means 343 in this respect have certainly dropped the ball