Why can't i play on my DLC maps?

I have the Limited edition Halo 4 and I got the season pass. I have all of the 3 current map packs. I am trying to play on the Crimson DLC and it says I have to purchase the map packs.

Same here bud. Tell me i didn’t just waste my money?

It happens sometimes. Just go to download history and resownload it.

I tried to re-install it would not let me. It wanted me to pay 10 bucks.

I believe it has something to do with the War Games Map Pass. I as well have all 3 DLC packs, but when I had to move to a new Xbox I couldn’t play on my DLC maps I downloaded because it kept saying “You have content that requires the War Games Map Pass.” So I redownloaded the map pass and it worked perfectly fine. Try something along the lines of what I did and it might fix.