Why can't I headshot with the AR?

This is -Yoinking!- limited. I keep trying to quickscope people s they run by, but this stupid Yoinking! gun ain’t worth -Yoink-. I can fire half the Yoink! damn magazine into some stupid -Yoinks!- head, and they don’t die. the gun doesn’t even have iron sights; if I click the zoom button when I’m using an assault rifle, it unzooms as soon as I pull the -Yoinking!- trigger! I don’t why I wasted my money on this stupid -Yoinking!- kids game when I have Black Ops 2.

I’m really starting to hate this game. All the guys in multiplayer look like -Yoinking!- power rangers, the guns look like they were ripped off from Aliens, and what’s with this “Ordnance” -Yoink-? Why can’t I call down airstrikes? If I get a killstreak, I think I should get something more than a -Yoinking!- SHOTGUN; that’s another thing; why are there so few loadout weapons? Why can I spawn with a sniper rifle or a shotgun? Why do I have to get a killstreak for this stuff? This is -Yoinking!- limited.

Oh, and if you took any of that seriously, well… [/sarcasm]

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But seriously, I am so sick of people comparing this game to Call of Duty. This game plays nothing like Call of Duty. Halo 4 isn’t perfect but any means, but it’s still a Halo game at its core, and some parts of it are still fun.

My biggest issue with this game is vehicles; a lot of people have been complaining about how underpowered the vehicles are, especially our beloved Warthog, which has become utterly useless in matchmaking thanks to Plasma Pistol and Plasma Grenade starts, and the vehicle killing power of loadout weapons, namely the DMR and Light Rifle. Without the big vehicle battles it was once know for, Big Team Battle isn’t as fun as it used to be. I also miss BTB objective.

I’m 343i will fix this eventually; hopefully in the next Title Update. <mark>But switching over to Call of Duty isn’t the solution</mark> if I’m frustrated with that aspect of the game. Call of Duty doesn’t even have vehicles in multiplayer. I won’t find the Big Team Battle experience I’m looking for there.

I can be patient. It’s only been 4 months. They already fixed FFA with the new Majestic playlist and the introduction of Infinity Rumble. I’m sure they’ll fix BTB eventually as well. Other issues like the ranking system, the DMR, Forge and Custom Games, and so on are being addressed as well in future updates.

In the meantime… this is still far more like Halo than Call of Duty will ever be. So I’m sticking with Halo 4. 343i may have screwed up royally in some areas, but they still did a pretty good job considering this was their first game ever. I’ll give them a chance.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering… no, I don’t actually own any of the Call of Duty games, and I never have. I’ve played the demos, and well… I’m not impressed. The drab modern military theme alone is a real turn-off for me, never mind the gameplay. Long live Halo.

Well, in my opinion, EVERY weapon including the Assault rifle should do more damage when aimed at the head.

I just don’t like the style of CoD games. You know, the whole see-enemy-BANG-encounter-over thing.

I lol’d… a little.

> Well, in my opinion, EVERY weapon including the Assault rifle should do more damage when aimed at the head.

I think that might be pushing it… 343i pretty much perfected the Assault Rifle with Halo 4. I see no need for a buff. Or a nerf (screw the AR haters).

> > Name one single gameplay addition to H4 that was not popularised by COD.
> >
> > O’ll wait.
> Vehicles like the new Mantis.

Promethean enemies and weapons.

Why do people keep doing posts like this?

It is not original anymore!

The funny fact about the Assault Rifle is that it is headshot capable in the first Halo. Don’t believe me ? Well, turn on the Grunt Birthday Party Skull in Halo Anniversary. You will see the confetti shower and hear the sound effects once you headshot a Grunt… with the Assault Rifle.

The only new mechanic I can think of that wasn’t a blatant rip off of COD is Stopping power. And even that isn’t original.