Why can't 343 just make the servers player hosted?

I do not know everything about servers, but is it not true that 343 is closing the online multiplayer for the 360 versions of the Halo titles because of maintenance and money? Why not change it to the way Gears of War does it and allow player hosted servers instead of dedicated servers? Sure, there will be host advantage, but at lease the multiplayer will still be up. Please, correct me if I am being naïve to this.

I think there are a lot of details about the back end support that they did not share in the article. So, yes they boiled down to maintenance, money and time that they could spend making new games.

I imagine people are upset the old games are being shut-down because they still have things they’d like to accomplish. Perhaps they prefer the “feel” of the legacy games. But the honest truth is people are just going to have to deal with this. After all, 343 is adding as much as possible to MCC.

Online custom games are not being shut down, so in a way, they’re letting you do what you asked. You just have to set up a LFG ir something