Why can you not assassinate someone who is assassinating someone?

Wish they would fix this problem

> Wish they would fix this problem

I can assassinate someone when he’s assassinating… I just dont get the animation but just the ninja medal

That would be like the best conga line …ever!! lol

I imagine doing an assassination on someone who is assassinating would screw around with the animation. You can, however, beat them down, resulting in the ninja medal.

It was probably tried but wasn’t possible due to the fact it could go in a never ending line as someone said ‘conga line’ and it would look completely messed up.

I prefer getting just a beat down compared to a messed up animation.

> Wish they would fix this problem

Because then it wouldn’t be “Show Stopper!”, it would be “Show Stealer!”…

And nobody likes a show-off.


Ya I got very pwned the other week by a moment of forgetfulness.

On Anchor 9, I was up top near the Rocket spawn and had my shields downed. As I took cover in a hallway, and behind a blue barrier, I found a teammate being assassinated. I calmly positioned myself behind him and attempted to beatdown (not pummel) the enemy.

What happened was that as I had to wait a full second to melee again, the enemy actually ended their animation and instantly turned and pummeled me for the double.

Naturally, the rage was nearly astronomical. Had I meleed instead of positioning, I might have gotten the showstopper I was aiming for. At the very least, I would have lived and the enemy would have died, and so too my teammate.