Why Can’t I See My Own Legs?

Why can’t I see my own legs like prior Halo games? Come on 343! When you come back from break, fix the code and give me the ability to see my Spartan legs. Otherwise, I’m convinced I’m some sort of floating Spartan ghost and I have no lower torso.

Simple fix!


I only just noticed this recently, it’s pretty weird to not see your own legs after so long of being able to do so, I’ll get over it eventually though …probably. ಥ_ಥ

I can see my legs when I look down. I play on a Series X

I saw in another thread, apparently it stops showing your legs above a certain field of view angle

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Cuz their not there bubba lol XD

Not sure what you’re on about. I can definitely see my legs/waist attachments, all of it.

Oh that’s strange. I wonder what the logic behind that is.

I imagine there’s an issue of seeing inside your body if you look down. I hope they can resolve that though

You aint got no legs, Lt. Dan…


The legs are there in the tutorial, albeit jank as hell

Set your Field of View to 78. You can see your legs at 78 FoV but unfortunately they disappear at higher values. It’s probably a quick solution to keep people from seeing inside of their bodies but I do wish they kept the legs up to like 90 FoV or so.

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It has to do with the fov.

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Depends on what your view is set to. Anything over 75* you can’t see your legs

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That’s been an issue in previous entries especially 3 and reach on a extremely laggy connection so I don’t see that being the cause

the magic number is 78. That is the highest FOV that you can still see your legs. They are working on a fix, but this is a temporary workaround to the fact that, previously, turning the FOV up higher let you gaze into your butt stump where your torso ceased to be.