Why can I never get a game

Dear 343

I am not mad about your changes to Halo, evolution is a way of life.
I do not look down on you for following the crowd and selling out by introducing “In App Purchasing”.
I do not spit on your brand for your warped idea of a “ranking system” or banning rules which clearly have no consistency.
I do not resent you for the aster Chief collection of which I have only been able to play once.

I DO however have an issue with the fact my original Xbox account with 5 years PAID Gold membership is still currently unranked at 7 games for Feb because of various BS RED screen error messages.

Enough is Enough.
Not only did I not receive my free DLC for buying the Halo 5 console but for inconsistent unexplainable reasons you wont even allow me to connect to a game.

The Halo series was one I cherished and loved. I have all the games and have even bought the other consoles.
Before I depart this fandom I simply wanted to state my farewell.

it is with a sad heart I advertise my console and games at less than market value (I am not a shark and will not falsely advertise the worth of these unreliable goods, which have all been replaced as they were faulty, thank god for the warranty) and I half heartedly with heavy “joy” await my PS4.

Thank you for the memories (Halo 4 was awesome and will be remembered)

For the love of gaming and future generations I hope you pull your act together.

All the best with your future sales.

Former Halo Spartan and future Call of Duty player


“Former Halo player and Future Call of Duty player”

Thats just sad. For you.

> 2533274848599184;3:
> “Former Halo player and Future Call of Duty player”
> Thats just sad. For you.

At least they don’t ban me for their server errors, you get what you pay for

Where do you live?

Sorry to see you leave. Good luck with your new adventures!