Why Buy the Bullseye DLC? Or any DLC for halo

When I go on to the Microsoft store and purchase a DLC pack I think to myself, “OH! I’m going to play this DLC pack for a long time, and enjoy it!” But after downloading it I realize that I can’t even play the damn thing as there is no DLC playlist. Why would I buy a DLC pack to play damn user created -Yoink-?

Meh -Yoink- happens. But yeah I agree, as someone who has had a war maps pass as well as the champions bundle since release I agree. However honestly for me it’s not that big of a deal. I still use the maps fairly often in customs so it’s still worth it.

Plus I always have plenty of spending money so it’s not such a big deal dishing out 20-50 bucks for season passes.

There really isn’t a point in buying any DLC for Halo 4 at this point.

At this point, I expect people will start saving up for the MC collection on XBone.

Buying any Halo 4 DLC at this point is a poor idea. In terms of DLC I’d say just ignore it, as far as MS is concerned you can’t have your money back now so it is a waste considering you can only really play your maps on Custom Games. :confused:

But yeah OP, I think 343 have learned their lesson regarding this issue and will hopefully do better with the next major title. <3

> There really isn’t a point in buying any DLC for Halo 4 at this point.

And never was

The Master Chief Collection will include all of the Halo 4 DLC maps, so you’ll be much more likely to run into DLC matches with it. Should’ve waited, dude.