Why be forced to have different team colors in invasion?

-Text taken from my post on the 343industires.org forums-

Ok, I know this is me just being nit-picky, but I’m seriously wondering why we’re forced into the red and blue team colors in any invasion mode. I mean, it’s not that hard to tell who’s on what team with it being Spartans vs Elites. So, why force the colors?

Now, to state this in advance, I know that some of you will say that that’s the only way that the game can register teams. However this is not true in the least, for when we play Firefight matchmaking it puts us into red team, however our colors remain our own. The same can be said for standard Firefight, where we are able to separate into both red & blue teams. All the while retaining our own colors.

This said, I would like to propose that 343 Industries attempt to make it to where we keep our custom colors during Invasion matches. It shouldn’t be that difficult to update the coding to do such, as I have just made clear that it has already been done in the Firefight modes, and could be easily distributed via: Title Update.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this,
-Alberio Craft-

[EDIT #1]

As stated by ‘Kill the King’:

> Well, i think they are doing it to keep it red vs blue. I also think it’s to help people with glancing they might see something blue, oh that’s my team, but if it is red they will pay more attention, i find it helps though.

This is a good point, but the big problem against that argument is that in the Infection playlist everyone uses their own color unless zombified, yet we’re still able to tell the difference purely from the sword’s unique look. I know that may not seem like much to counter your statement, however what I’m trying to get at is the fact that, just like how the zombies look different from the survivors due to one small unique detail, the Elites look quite different from the Spartans, due to the nature of their armors (Spartans = Bulky; Elites = Smooth) and the shapes of their bodies (ex: Elites are quite taller than Spartans, and are almost always hunched over).

[EDIT #2]

To back up this claim even more, here is a quote from ‘RedStarRocket91’:

> In Invasion your teammates have icons over their heads to mark them, plus Elites always have big groups of soldiers with them who are shooting at you instead of them. And are color-coded.
> I generally agree though, I feel like it would be nice to have a team playlist where people can actually use their own colors. I admit you are less likely to see enemy soldiers out of the corner of your eye, but a little bit more stealth capability could actually open up more options for gameplay. The models really are sufficiently different to justify no forced color.

The idea of having more of a stealth element within this game truly does have a huge appeal to people who are both professional and/or hardcore gamers. Especially due to the fact that it adds a ton more strategy for us during objective style game modes. This being said, there is also the contrast to where those who are wearing more vibrant colors (or colors that don’t match the surroundings) will have a much more intimidating feel, as they come barreling down the corridors or across the fields, since they seem as if they don’t have the need to camouflage themselves. Which also gives those players a slight leadership element. Those who are using the more vibrant colors would also be somewhat intimidating, as those who wish to attack the vivid colored enemy would have to think about if his opponent might have an ally lying in wait for an ambush.

[EDIT #3]

Now that all of these points have been both thought of and considered, I feel that it is safe to say that the original set-up for ‘Invasion’ with its forced Red and Blue colors is still a good way to help beginners. However, there has also been evidence which has been shown here to prove that we can determine who the enemy is without needing our colors forced upon us. This being said, I change my decision on changing ‘Invasion’ to not having forced colors. However, I also have not changed my mind.

What I’m trying to get at here, is that it would be very wise of 343 Industries to listen to their fans for both sides of this argument, and split ‘Invasion’ into two types. “Standard Invasion” could easily be understood as the common Red vs Blue scenario, and then there could be “Invasion Plus” or some name like that, for those of us who wish to play Invasion with our own custom colors, and are tired of having our hands held while trying to fight.

I shall be adding a poll to this thread, just to see how many more of you like this idea, or at the least wish to use your own colors. Don’t be hesitant to voice your opinion. After all, it’s the community that helps direct the companies in the direction of what we all want in our games.

I would wan’t my custom colors so I can take pics of myself in my own guy not just a red guy.

even if it is not our own colors i would at-least like the beta coloring where the elites where shades of purple and the Spartans where shades of green.

Because shooting blue dudes is a lot more simple instruction than shoot the purple/pink/white/grey/black/blue/red/yellow/green/orange/tan/brown dinosaurs.

Green for Spartans and Purple for the Elites was much better in the beta.

It’s likely hardcoded in the game to define opposing teams to one colour each. The reason infection may allow for independent colours is that strictly speaking, it’s not a team game for the human players, it’s a competition to remain the last one alive, though I may be mistaken, is there an option when making a custom gametype to have the leader revert to his or her basic custom colour scheme?