Why aren't there articles on the code failure

Has anyone else noticed that there haven’t been any articles on the code issue failure since 12/4/12? Even prior to that, it hasn’t been widely covered. Even IGN has no articles on this. IGN just released an article on how great the game is, and not a single mention of the code debacle. Comments online from 343i and XBL have stopped after the 4th as well. There are no more comments, updates, or time lines from anyone involved. Calling XBox support does nothing but have them tell you to come to this forum and post your info. And if you’ve already done that? Do it again. And yet… no news articles, posts, or comments about this on a game that stands to win Game of the Year. How is this possible when there are 1400+ pages of people with problems on the code.

As a gaming community that has been quite loyal, and has always made a HALO game a great sell for Microsoft… how is it our voices are so silent when there is obviously something wrong?