Why Aren't I Getting Waypoint Forum Emails ?

I always check the box to receive email updates when I post, and I also confirmed I put my correct email in my profile, soooo what am I doing wrong exactly ?

You’re doing nothing wrong, don’t worry about that.

Email notifications have been disabled since June as it causes site stability issues during E3.

They should be back and functioning in the near future.

Does anybody know if this is the case at the moment? As I don’t seem to receive any email notifications. Which makes me sad :frowning:

Hello dustylines.

Email notifications have been disabled since June 2012, and there is no indication that they will return in the future. Sorry about that.

Also, this thread is a year old, and it’s usually better to create a new thread instead of reviving an old one. If you have any further problems regarding this subject or another, please be sure to make a new thread. :wink: