Why aren't grenades LT for Bumper Jumper?

Halo 4 Controller Configurations

As a user of Bumper Jumper I am disappointed at the change of grenades to X. This is such a disadvantage to such a great controller configuration. Bumper Jumper has such a flow and I feel it has been ruined. I would love for a customizable controller configuration so I can experiment on what works for me or whoever plays the game.

Granted I haven’t played it yet so I can not make a full judgement yet.

Any thoughts? Comments?

That was from the E3 build, X for grenades was an engineering error for that E3 build specifically and has since been fixed.

They have changed it now according to people on here.

So I guess the best thing to say is…relax

It was an error for the E3 and RTX build. It will be corrected soon.

Controller schemes weren’t final.

Its been fixed…

Either way, glad I switched back to boxer for reach. Gonna make the transition nice and smooth.

Thanks for the clarification on that. I was really hoping that it wasn’t final controller scheme! I had the same panic attack when reach was being developed so I apologize haha