Why aren't Erosion and Ravine in Matchmaking?

I’ve played over a 100 games across all playlists but still haven’t come across these maps. One is a spiritual successor to Blood Gulch, and the other is a combination of Warlock/Wizard and Foundation.

In my opinion, these look like the best two maps in the game. Why aren’t they in matchmaking?



They’re blank-slate levels meant to be used in forge. I’m very interested though to see a community map in rotation with Impact though, I think it has GREAT potential

Ace, I don’t think that you are allowed to bump. :X

But I agree, I haven’t gotten to play on them.

I think the reason is that Reach had a little Too many forge maps, that they want us to enjoy and get use to these real new maps first.

I’m sure new forge maps will be implemented in the future.

I’m really hoping we’re just given a nice wide open space to play around in. I mean, these forge-based maps are nice… But they really feel too cramped, Ravine has too many things getting in the way of building a good map from scratch, the same thing with Impact too.

Agreed, I think they should put them into matchmaking. Would add some diversity to the online play which is getting kind of lame playing the same old maps =P

they cant have forge maps online theres something wrong with loading the item placement and lighting with MM, not customs

its SUPPOSED to be fixed january

From what i read, on Impact there are map specific items and gravity can be changed upside down. O_O Whoah…

I´d love to play these maps in MM.