Why aren't any glitches being fixed in this game?

Just now I experienced another new glitch in this game while playing online. During the game I noticed I had a really low kill score of 9. After the game ended, I checked the scoreboard again and noticed it was still 9, so I clicked on my gamertag and it showed I had at least 19 kills just with the Phaeton alone. So you guys can add that to the roster along with the other glitches: scoreboard is broken. Just after that, I started a new game with my teammate, and I was booted out to the menu when the game started with the “waiting to join a match in progress…” text. During the game, my teammate tells me that there are at least 4 open spots on his team. So why am I waiting to join this game?

I really love this game, I’ve been playing since the CE days and I play Guardians every week too, but 343i has really dropped the ball with this latest game. I work on a software dev team, and if the product I happen to be working on had this many glitches for so long, unfixed, with new ones being discovered on top of the existing ones (also not being fixed), I would be fired. Meanwhile, 343i has something like 500 employees and no one is working on fixing these bugs? What am I missing? Someone please tell me that they have just decided to put 100% effort towards the next game in the series, because that will at least give me something better to look forward to.

I think they’ve pulled nearly all their man power into the development of Halo Infinite. The after game freezing is an ancient bug that is still a frequently occurring problem.

Yet bug fixes just haven’t seemed like a priority for quite some time.

I believe they just have a very small team working on maintaining H5 in the form of adding maps/playlists and the like. If I had to guess there is no man power going towards bug fixing, guess they think it’s good enough.

Besides that there’s a team working on MCC in the form of fixing and adding to the game and then I’m sure the majority is working on H6.

It’s because of their “games as a service” model for Halo 5. I’m sure as a dev yourself you’re familiar with how it’s… non-ideal for the end user. They launched it unfinished and continued to tack on and slowly fix features. Once the dev life for it was over, they left it as is without much consideration for what “as is” actually entailed for players. While in-game, I find the connection quality, kill feed, medal display, etc. is some of the best of any game. Otherwise, menus don’t work half the time and everything post-game generally doesn’t function properly. Tons of other issues as well, but I’d rather not make this a novel.

If you have any issues to report, feel free to log them in the support forums. As mentioned above the main focus of the team right now is on Infinite so they can’t commit resources to Halo 5 right now, but that’s not to say they won’t be able to revisit it in the future