Why Aren't All The Maps in Match-Making?

I’m talking about the 3 maps that I can see in the maps list, maps that I can forge on, play custom games on, but they’re not in match making…

Why aren’t these maps in match making? This game needs more maps as it is, why hold them back?

I thought that the first time I played on the Impact map. That has SO much potential for matchmaking!

Hopefully they bring it into a gametype sharpish.

Yea I’ve wondered this myself. Yet another disappointing aspect of this game is the map selection. The maps they do offer are pretty pathetic and could of been designed better by a three year old. When are the community forge maps coming to matchmaking.

Definitely another thing 343i could easily do to improve the game, but well, hasn’t.

It would be nice as it would add variety to MM. I’ve also seen two really good Forge variants of The Pit and Lockout and I would love to see those added too.