Why aren’t Halo Infinite weapon coatings universal?

Anyone else curious why weapon coatings aren’t universal? My entire armory is mismatched and it’s insanely frustrating. Is there a reason for this? Is 343i working on making any weapon coating available to any weapon? Would honestly be amazing. Would make me play the game WAY more.


It’s to make you spend money for each individual weapons.

It is a system used in other games like Apex to throw a dozens of lootboxes into the game and create virtual “rarity” around some of the skins so you can never get the one you actually want unless u throw the credit card.

Was that clear enough ? :slight_smile:


Buy colors, then maybe they will be universal. (That was sarcasm in case you didn’t catch that.)

Get used to using basic colors or ones you win from challenges. We have been complaining about this since it was announced and they really do not care. They are making money on people who buy the color blue or the color pallets of red and gold so they will NEVER change the system.

Speaking of which, it is quite amazing that they are selling the red and gold color pallets right now for $12.

$12 of your hard earned money for something that in every other game was possible out of box, for free in the general customization of your Spartan (give or take some details.)

Think about that people. They think you are so dumb that they will put “sale” on a color pallets and you will just throw the credit card out there for $12. A amount of money in todays inflationary economy that is going to be needed to put two gallons of gas in your vehicle so you can get to work to pay 343 $20 for the next skin you just can’t live without because that is how they designed this free to play garbage.

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