Why are you here? (Off-Topic?)

Why are you on these forums? What is your number #1 reason for returning to this site each and every day (week/month/year/decade/century)?

For me, it’s the people.

I am here cause I love Halo. I like that the admins run a tight ship where there isn’t a lot of garbage. I also like how everyone is very invested in Halo.

It is the nexus of the Haloverse. From here I can look outward in any direction to see anything and all things of the Haloverse. And for that, it is also home away from home.

I just finished REACH, and loved it… nice story. That’s why I’m here.

Halo and bungie are awesome, Im hoping to stick with both :slight_smile:

Hanging out and discussing with the community of one of my favorite franchises.

It was something I was going to do eventually. But I feel like I owe Waypoint :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve gotten some awesome free stuff from this place (Defiant Map Pack - BS Angel and Noble Six Helmet - BIGTwinkie). And, in doing so, found an awesome community!


Because its nice and cosy

It’s my food nipple for my halo hunger.

Community, employes, fun, halo, BS Angel… … …
Scratch that, why not?

The reason i am here is because i love Halo, and this has been one of the most funnest and respectful Halo family’s i have ever been a part of. I call it a Halo family because thats what it is!

Hoping to see 343 announce a Title Update mainly.

Because Bungie forums are a lost cause now.

and if I ever post anything video wise on Bungie forums they consider it advertising lol.

Because the bnet moderators are a bunch of -Yoink!--retentive -Yoink- wipes with power issues.

And I’m going to have start coming here eventually anyway, so why not start early before the big rush shows up.

because i’m perma banned from bungie.net

Initially I came here to see a different version of Waypoint from the XBL one, and also I was hoping to find a more positive debate about Reach. I was welcomed right off the bat, and got involved with a community playdate that was the most fun I had playing Reach.

I have met some good people to play with, and loved the premiere racing night.

Halo is the reason I got an Xbox, so I will continue to follow its development with 343.

Since I signed up and introduced myself I have been on almost daily, and am proud to call myself a member.

I want to follow the development of future Halo titles.

I think it’s a good alternative to Bungie.net and I’m looking forward to news on the new Halo.

Nice… 1:17. lol

BIGTwinkie and Bs Angel lure me with delicious chocolate-chip cookies D:

> BIGTwinkie and Bs Angel lure me with delicious chocolate-chip cookies D:

(::slight_smile: ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞ (::slight_smile: